Interview: Resident Evil 2's Yoshiaki Hirabayashi & Tsuyoshi Kanda

Capcom gave Kyle Campbell the opportunity to interview producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda. He sat down with them to chat all about Resident Evil 2.

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gantarat278d ago

This interview confirm that game didn't have fixed camera.

CorndogBurglar278d ago

This sounds so good!

I'm kind of happy it does not have a fixed camera. RE4 style would be great, just more focused of atmosphere and horror and not about action.

Master of Unlocking278d ago

They could've had it as a new game + perk though.I doubt it would've been much more work. Oh well.
I wonder if there's any chance we'll get a RE 3 Nemesis remake on this gen of consoles?

AntiZeal0t278d ago

The only thing that would be difficult is that enemies and items were placed to accommodate the new over the shoulder perspective. In fixed camera you might not see some items or enemies, unless they made multiple angles for each room you could switch to on the fly.

CorndogBurglar278d ago

Having a fixed camera is a totally different game than over the shoulder that allows you to look around in a full 360 degrees.

In fixed camera, enemies would have to behave totally different to account for the angles you can't see in the normal view. It isn't like Skyrim for instance, where you can go from 1st person to 3rd person seamlessly. In Skyrim even in 3rd person you can still move the camera in a full 360 degrees to track enemies and items. A fixed camera changes a whole lot with the design of the game. Enemies would need to appear and act in a way that relates to your severely limited vision and attack angles.

It isn't as simple as locking the camera up on the ceiling. It's basically creating a whole new game.

TheSplooge278d ago

I wish they would've given the re-remake of the first one the same treatment as this. Havent been excited for an RE game until i saw gameplay for RE2.

gantarat278d ago

Yeah,We don't know the real story of first game.
We know that Chris and Jill separate investigate spencer mansion and escape with Rebecca,Barry and Brad