‘God of War’ reigns supreme again at No.1 in UK

Sony’s ‘Days of Play’ promotion intensifies this week helping ‘God of War’ regain No1, up from No3.

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zsquaresoff152d ago

Glad to see 3 of the 5 games in top 5 are Sony exclusives.

Ceaser9857361152d ago

Some section can disagree as much as they want. PS has the best games period..

doggo84152d ago

Definitely! that goes without saying.

JaguarEvolved152d ago

Exclusive games doesn't matter, Microsoft bought game studios, lol. Potential is better than actual results.

God of war is an amazing game made by an amazing dev. Studio. I'm glad Sony values their exclusive games and willing to use high budget to produce high quality games and not be like some other gaming companies where their exclusives looks like last gen titles or low budget games.

thisismyaccount152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

True .. but wish we had the Sony from the PS1/2 era instead of the one we got now. Nice, terrific SP games with top notch visuals/characters ... but no Jack&Dexter, no Gex, no Ratchet&Clank ... spin off!?!, no Jumping Flash VR Gore Edition ... we lack some of the Nintendo games, while they lack our games.

A Mario clone or zelda one would be nice to have from time to time. I know Rime exists but ain´t the same. We lack the Beyond Good Evil type of game ... WiLD looked like it was going to fill that role, but we can only speculate what happened to Ancel or his mount, the BEAR.

UCForce152d ago

@JaguarEvolved I just hope MS fix their narrative BS about Single Player is so “complicated”.

JaguarEvolved152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@ Gforce

I haven't the time to "hope" for gaming companies to cater to what I like. I was a big fan of Xbox in the 360 era because there were a lot of exclusive games and the console was very cheap. I never bought a ps3 until about 5 years after it launched. The Xbox was a good console except for rrod situation.

The Xbox one now is a waste of money in my opinion because I can play all the games on my pc with better performance. The head of Xbox said they don't value single player games and that they value multiplayer games instead so that's the route they are taking when making games. You can see if judging by the titles they've been releasing for the past few years. Even Microsoft saying it doesn't mean anything even though you can see it but the fanatics have their fingers in their ears while saying Microsoft didn't say that. Xbox is rubbish to me, to each his own. I see people saying PlayStation is finished because Microsoft bought studios but they haven't any games to show.

yeahright2152d ago

no jack and dexter but we got little big planet, we got rachet and clank, one just came out. No gex but we got knack, not to mention a plethora of indies.
So I'd say those games are there, they just don't have as big a spotlight on them anymore.

UltraNova151d ago

At this rate I might have to update my earlier prediction (10million sold within a year) to 10 mil by year's end...

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pwnmaster3000152d ago

I’ve been trying to get this game, but it’s sold out. I want to give in and get the digital, but I really want the hard copy.

Moe-Gunz152d ago

Look for store pickup options at Target, Best buy or Walmart if you're in the states.

tombfan152d ago

Going to be bashed by this:

I don't get the hard copy thing anymore, the disc based games are useless now-a-days (because of patchs) and a tiresome because of the disc change to play a game, digital is my way to go since 8 years and I can't stress enough the sense of playing something without the hassle of changing discs.

If you want it hard because of the art work books or steel eds, you can always look in eBay for them and it's cheaper that way.

Skankinruby152d ago

Never sold out at PS store

IamTylerDurden1152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


I prefer physical because i can play a new game and then when i'm finished my wife can play it. I can swap games with my brother as well.

I can also trade in my physical games or resell them. I traded in old PS3 and 360 games and combined it with two promotions and i had enough to pay off the God of War Collector's Edition, get a God of War snap back, and put $25 down on Spiderman Collector's edition.

I enjoy the disc art, cover art, pamphlets ect. I enjoy the ability to actually own something tangible. The Collector aspect is a joy as well.

You can buy physical games used and save big money. Digital is still blatantly overpriced on console unless there is a great Flash sale or promotion. But you can general always find good prices on used games even without a massive sale.

Digital games take extremely long to download/install. Physical games install very quickly. Granted, both need to download patches, but downloading a 50gb game can take a while especially with slow Internet. With physical the install is nearly instant.

I don't quite understand people who push the all digital agenda. Obviously publishers want to go digital because it saves them money and they don't need to pass the savings onto consumers.

GrubsterBeater152d ago

I wish they would bring back physical instruction booklets inside the game case. I don't know why, but buying a new game, and flipping through that little instruction manual before even playing the game was awesome to me.

I remember when I was a wee lad, we would get a new game at my house, and my older brother would play the game he bought first, and I would look through the instructions while my brother booted up the game, just getting super excited to get the chance to play myself.

A little off topic, but the comment reminded me of those days for some reason. I definitely wish they would bring those back..

UCForce152d ago

@tombfan I’m sorry, but you are wrong here. I always prefer physical over digital because I can keep my things forever. But i do hope physical and digital need to coexist in the future.

Blade92152d ago

A hard copy is still one of the most important things to me. I dont like digital at all. I really hope you find a copy. This is a game you truly do not want to miss out on.

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msxmre152d ago

Gotta agree buddy, exclusives are where it’s at....

UCForce152d ago

God of War still going strong than ever.

SuperSonic91152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The GOTG showing everyone who's the boss.
PS4 has the world's two most popular game: Fortnite and God of War.

Happy Father's Day PlayStation Nation.

gillri151d ago

3rd favourite GOTG for me, BOTW and The Witcher 3 still beats it for me

russo121152d ago

While some other competitor has the best shows (E3 and some other kind of propaganda), this one (Sony) has the best games, and that's where value is.

Congrats Sony and thank you for the amazing "bouquet" of exclusives.

Team_Litt152d ago

Great game. Can't wait for the new game + update. When is it dropping?

UltraNova152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Me too. They haven't said when yet. My guess is late summer, maybe sooner.

I want to see changes akin to what From soft did with the scholar of the first sin remaster. Basically harder difficulty, different enemy placements and new ones to boot. Plus some new loot would be great!

johndoe11211152d ago

This game is already extremely hard as it is why would you want a harder difficulty? What would be the actual point of that. Less than 1% of the community would even attempt something like that.

UltraNova152d ago

Its my personal request. Of course SSMknows best on how their game should play on ng+.

Sunny_D152d ago


It's for people who have all the best equipment already and thus want the extra challenge to put the extra gear to work. They probably would tweak difficulties and stats so it doesn't come out broken though.

Eonjay152d ago

Soon it was announced at E3.

lociefer152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Buh buh buh players want games as seeervices and long lasting eeexxpppeewwieence /s
GG sony

Team_Litt152d ago

Come on, it's a great article about a great game, why do you have to be an ass?
This community is embarrassing.

UCForce152d ago

It’s not about that. It’s more about how gaming publishers tried to delude consumers to believe Gaas is the future and a lot of people will never forget their BS narrative.

doggo84152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

the only thing that's Ass over here is Gaas

salmonade152d ago

So people aren't allowed to make a joke? Even if it's a bad joke it shouldn't matter. Stop being a wet dishrag. Comments like yours are embarrassing

pwnmaster3000152d ago

Tbh this community isn’t all that bad. YouTube is actually pretty bad imo lol.
To much snowflakes nowadays. We are gamers, we are bred to trash talk.

lociefer152d ago

Wow, that joke totally flew over your head

Travis3708152d ago

@team_litt you clearly don’t understand how so many people tried to make us believe that single player games were dying. They tried to push GAAS on us when we only wanted this.

AmUnRa152d ago

Team you did not saw this: /s ?
Its about the same as this: 😜

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