Giulietta Zawadzki From Manchester, England is a Superb and Sexy Cosplayer

Come take a peek at the gorgeous Giulietta Zawadzki and her incredible selection of cosplays ranging from Lara Croft to the Alien Queen. This is one cosplay you don't want to miss!

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ChrisW93d ago

Damn! Will people STOP approving cosplay on N4G?!? This stuff belongs on Animeshimbun.

theshredded93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Do you have brain damage mate? I see you on every cosplay related news. Sure, Japan has popularized cosplay but that doesn't it's only related to them and anime.

twiggytree1293d ago

N4G stands for news for games, this has nothing to do with gaming. Sounds like you're the one with brain damage.

TekoIie93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


The cosplay in the article is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. That alone makes it gaming related, and last I checked Tomb Raider is not an anime franchise.

Muzikguy93d ago

Those sites are horrible for mobile phones

thisismyaccount93d ago

Using brave browser, no issue I had. No ads even ... she's hot in red, black hair ain't her "type"

Muzikguy93d ago

The whole site is littered with ads. And they break up all the pictures too across multiple pages to show even more ads.

Signal1393d ago

Like, what is she even doing in the picture? Cosplay poses are so akward.

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