Sony Releases Free Shadow of the Colossus Dynamic Theme for PS4

A new PS4 theme dedicated to Shadow of the Colossus has been released on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and it's free.

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BeardedDrachen62d ago

Quite cool. Gonna download it when I get home

DarkVoyager62d ago

“you’ll need a Japanese PSN account to download and install it.“

I hate this. Just release it in all stores please!

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro62d ago

This reminded me, I wonder how well the SotC remake has sold?

IamTylerDurden162d ago (Edited 62d ago )

About as well as the original. It sold approximately a million copies. I honestly expected better sales seeing as how it was a full remake and the fact that it received spectacular reviews. I believe Monster Hunter may have overshadowed it and hurt the sales. It's a shame.

81BX62d ago

Well, to give you a ball park figure by may VG had it tracked at 0.76 -0.79 million. So it's pretty close

Old McGroin62d ago

Bought and finished it a couple of weeks ago myself, hadn't played the original, fantastic game.

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