Mysterious Person Wearing A Green Jacket In Resident Evil 4 Is Still Unknown

With the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake next year, let’s have a look back at the mysterious person wearing a green jacket in Resident Evil 4.

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strayanalog179d ago

Reptile really let himself go.

Sam Fisher178d ago

Lmfao ironically he looks like the hidden background one

boyyzackk178d ago

WTF!!! I've played this game sooooo many times, did everything you can do, and had no idea. I thought I was a god at this game but now I know the truth...damn

CloudStrife900178d ago

Ha, same here! Played the hell out of this game.

NarooN178d ago

Beat this game numerous times and never knew about this lol wtf

subtenko178d ago

its called an easter egg and here is the video: