Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Blew My Mind | GB

GB: "Cyberpunk 2077 is easily our E3 2018 game of the show. "

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LoveSpuds30d ago

The trouble is Gaming Bolt, you have behaved appallingly over the last year with constant negativity and flamebait articles, why should anyone pay attention to you now?

Imalwaysright30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

What is so negative about this article? It seems to me that the author of this article liked what he saw and given CDPR track record shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that this could be another stellar game from them.

Sam Fisher30d ago

Homie said "over the last year". So even if its good now, it doesnt matter due to all the other bad stuff that happened lately

BiggerBoss30d ago

Even if the article is positive, Gamingbolt has established themselves as absolute garbage.

Imalwaysright29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Sam Fisher

Did they say "bad stuff" about this game for someone to not take them seriously when they say something about it?

timbo0830d ago

I must have missed this. Whats all been going on with gamingbolt? I check out their site often as it seems on the ball with break gamer news

Moe-Gunz30d ago

Game of the show but wasn't shown to everyone...ok

starchild30d ago

Yeah, but it's their game of the show. Therefor they're going to pick out of the games they saw at the show.

angelsx30d ago

Topical Gamingbolt title

starchild30d ago

Actually I've seen quite a few impressions videos and articles with similar titles. It seemed to have that effect (blowing minds) on almost everybody.

Brave_Losers_Unite30d ago

Check out this fantastic mindblowing trailer!

Imalwaysright30d ago

Yeah it's the game of the show for gamesradar as well

Strange_Evil30d ago

Don't get why they haven't showed it already? E3 was the biggest stage. If it was this epic, then just show it to the public already and fuel the hype. Just showing it to the journalists and taking their word on it seems to be a slap to actual gamers who are hyped to see it.

Larrysweet30d ago

Cuz its running on 1080ti machine prob wanna scale down cuz wtever they saw itll look nothing close on consoles

TheGamez10030d ago

Ugh...why devs have games behind close doors only idk why. I get if the games really early and is buggy and such but everyones whos seen this said it was amazing. So why no public?

rivaldoo77730d ago

Its because it's running on high end PC. Fans will be disappointed when the game doesn't look like this in current gen. We already experienced how The Witcher 3 performed in PS4 and Xbox one. This seems the similar case where a lot of frame drops and slow down will occur. Let's hope it doesn't get downgraded

rockwhynot30d ago

Stupid home consoles with their mobile central processor architecture dragging down the entire generation's most ambitious games.

LoveSpuds30d ago

Without those 'stupid home consoles' these games would not exist in the first place. Devs generally make most of their money from console sales, something the PC master race seem to forget.

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