The Division 2: E3 Gameplay

Though he plays on a PC and had to learn to use the console control on the go; Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted some gameplay of The Division 2 at E3. The video shows some of the new weapons and abilities players will have when the game ships next year.

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jobboy155d ago

damn that 60fps thing is a real gamechanger!
hope they go that way for my pro

Garethvk155d ago

I am pretty sure it was on a PC. They made us use an Xbox One controller which was a pain for me. When they started mine they opened the case and there was a keyboard in it. So my guess was running on a PC with a game controller.

Greywolf22154d ago

It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

NewUser101154d ago

Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks the first game looks better? Graphically I mean. It seemed so much more real, something about this makes it seem less serious or something...

Garethvk154d ago

That is an interesting point. It is hard to say as we only saw a limited sample. The movement was easier and a bit more fluid and there were options. New York was cold, dark and cluttered and what we saw were much more open spaces with less debris. I think when all is said and done it will have a similar graphical nature to it.

Garethvk154d ago

Yes but now there are so many more weapons to factor in and deploy. I did not even use the Crossbow.

stevej336154d ago

Good observation. Should everything die with one shot?

Garethvk154d ago

No. Some were being nailed by multiple guys at once. I also played with headshots alot like when I charged a tank.

stevej336154d ago

@Gareth my reply was to the dude above me. I don't understand the people who complain about "bullet sponges" in the division.

Moe-Gunz154d ago

I have the first, I Platinum'd it and got the season pass. I was a big fan however after a while the game got really ridiculous as you could spend hours shooting a boss until it's over. 'Difficulty' to them equalled turning enemies into bullet sponges in lieu of making them smarter.

All the tactics went out the window. I'm not saying die in one shot but everything feels like it's going for a realistic atmosphere then it goes Destiny on you and makes you empty 50 clips into things. It just got to a point where it was ridiculous.

That's my opinion and it's one of the reasons the game is dead to me.

Vegamyster154d ago

Well it is a action role-playing survival game, it's not supposed to be realistic.

Garethvk154d ago

That's true as no idea how to do that purple smoke.