Devil May Cry 5 Director confirms Nero's lineage and reason for new design

Devil May Cry 5's latest interview from Japanese magazine Famitsu had some really interesting information regarding the game's lore and the main character's new design.

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Vanfernal59d ago

Nero's lineage is pretty on the nose. Hell, Vergil is Nelo Angelo (pronounced Nero Anjero) in Japan. They literally have the same name.

AK9159d ago

Well DMC4 SE confirmed Neros lineage but I want to know how Vergil came back from the dead and who is the black haired third character?

PhantomS4259d ago

More importantly, where are Lady and Trish!

tinchotin59d ago

I think it's Vergil, but the shadow makes the hair look dark grey.

SarcasticDuck59d ago

Vergil didn't came back from the dead, he visited Nero's city before DMC3

BlaqMagiq159d ago

He was supposed to be dead at the end of DMC3 but came back as Nelo Angelo in DMC1 and was killed by Dante in that game.

SarcasticDuck58d ago

1- what's your point?
2- Vergil didn't die in DMC3, he went to hell and tried to face Mundus (and failed since he became Nero Angelo)

Nebaku59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

So tired of the forced Vergil inclusion in everything. His story arc was great in 3, but it was finished and finished well. Give us something new instead of going to the well again, or worse, retconning existing stuff like Nero's design to do it.

Movefasta199359d ago

Facts , everybody wants vergil to keep returning but what made dmc3 so great was that scene where Vergil cuts Dante's hand to stop him from saving him. I want the guy who ripped off Nero's arm to be a new villain.

SarcasticDuck59d ago

people think Nero looks like Vergil? Tbh I thought it was DmC's Dante when the trailer started rolling (he gets white hair at the end of the game, for those who don't know)

KwietStorm58d ago

I thought the same thing. I said oh God they're actually using that character model with proper sequels now. Didn't even immediately know it was Nero. I was more surprised to see Dante take a backseat yet again. It's the same way Devil May Cry 4 was presented to us.

SarcasticDuck58d ago

I'm happy for dmc5 but i'm also curious what a DmC2 would look like because how they left things with mission 20 and Vergil's Downfall looked promising! Just wish they had made that game without being a Devil May Cry

Signal1359d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Man, the trailer for this game was fucking cringe incarnate. Kingdom hearts 3 looks significantly less silly and that’s the most glorified fan fiction ever created.

Maybe if they kept the voice acting in Japanese it wouldn’t be so bad. Anime dialog in English is just awful. And that new chicks voice is fucking AWFUL. So is her design. She’s like a half assed Cindy(ff15) meets Dr. Naomi(no more heroes)

KwietStorm58d ago

I want to agree with your points but I refuse to take anyone seriously who continues to use that stupid ass cringe like it's an adjective.

Signal1358d ago

Fair enough, I guess. This trailer was poorly voice acted, generic anime bullshit. and the feeling I had was embarrassment. Usually associate with “cringe” humor.

CrimsonWing6958d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Um, Devil May Cry has always been cringey and anime inspired... like is this your first time ever seeing a Devil May Cry game? You may want to check out Devil May Cry 3 and Dante surfing on a missile. It’s just fun and there’s nothing wrong with that. Great trailer in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.