Remembering The Sega Game Gear

Derek Labat writes: Nowadays, gaming on the go is as easy as downloading an app onto a smartphone, but there was a time, not too long ago, when if you wanted to duplicate the video game experience away from home, you had to go to an arcade or settle for one of those Tiger LCD games (yeah, have fun with that).

Things changed forever in 1989 when Nintendo released the Game Boy with Tetris as its pack-in game and, since then, they have dominated the market (or longer if you go back to 1980 to include their Game-'N-Watch games).  That's almost three decades. Of course, they've had their fair share of competition, the biggest coming from their bitter rival at the time, Sega, in the form of the Game Gear.

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rynodigital156d ago

I needed 6 AAA batteries just to read this article

FlyingFoxy156d ago

For some reason i always notice people mention that it gobbled batteries, most of the time they never bring up the battery pack that was made for it.

1-pwnsause-1156d ago

It did have its battery pack, but it made the system look like a big brick, like you can kill someone with it, and even so, the system would gobble up the battery life quick
Great system though, I remembered asking my dad for a game boy for Christmas, but never expecting the game gear under my tree, played a lot of sonic 2 and monoco GP 2 at the time

babadivad156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Today's batteries are better than the ones back in the day. I'd like to see how modern batteries hold up. That being said, DAMN this thing destroy batteries. I remember it saying on the label[use Duracell]. With those batteries you could get 3-4 hours out of the thing. With anything else, you would be lucky to get 2 hours of game play.

Cheesetoenails156d ago

Ive got two sitting right here in my family room..shame you go through tons of batteries without the adapter.

DeadManMMX156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

I played it with the ac adapter all the time. It was a great lil console. I still have Shining Force for it sitting around here somewhere.

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