Days Gone Gameplay Demo - IGN Live E3 2018

Get the latest on Sony Bend Studio's zombie survival game, Days Gone as IGN take a look at what sets it apart from its competition.

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ArchangelMike157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I love the fact that there are different endings depending on your choices. The game gets better the more I hear about it.

People need to stop comparing it to other games. Especially after how many Zombie games were announced at E3, and of all of them (World war Z, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Walking Dead etc etc) Days Gone is the most compelling for me. Only Dying Light 2 distinguished itself and also really caught my attention.

Aceman18156d ago

What I find intriguing is that the Freakers are still alive, and have their own communities.

RememberThe357156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Yeah that's very Legend. And I like the way that changes the moral aspect as well as how it adds a depth to the freakers that most games don't bother with.

subtenko156d ago

Im looking to get Days Gone but have you seen the WWZ gameplay? Interior gameplay inside big and small buildings, the zombie horde isnt just a horde, they look like they swarm better (climbing on top of each other and jump/falling from everywhere (Looks frikkn CRAZY!) plus WWZ has multiplayer (cool thing is you dont have to play multiplayer if you dont want too, you get both options)

So Im not sure which ill like better, WWZ or days gone.

ArchangelMike156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Yeah I saw the E3 gameplay demo of WWZ. I have to admit it looked cool, but the concern I had is it's longevity. With no real story (each episode is only about 20-30mins long), and practically infinite ammo, it's a very narrow gameplay loop, that could get stale real quick. It would be interestig to see how they keep the gameplay loop fresh.

Dying Light 2 on the other hand was just much more compelling to me and don't forget that Dying Light 1 had co-op and competitive multiplayer as well where you could actually BE the zombie!

subtenko156d ago

@ArchangelMike competitive online? woah i thought it was just coop! Well seeing the parkour stuff it looks like it will be really fun! If this is the case for DL2 considering that a buy!

jhoward585157d ago

DG looks very much improved now. Color gamut is much higher now. Cool.

PFFT157d ago

Looks great! I was seriously bummed out that it had gotten delayed. But after watching the E3 demo i can see now that it was for the best. Game is truly shining!

ArchangelMike156d ago

The only problem is that there are now 4 games scheduled to release on 22nd February 2019 - Days Gone, Metro Exodus, Trial Rising, and of course Anthem. WE don't know when Crackdown 3 will release, but it's also scheduled for February 2019.

I don't know, I think maybe Sony should move the game either forward to January or further back into March. I doubt they will though. I just don't want Days Gone to be overshadowed by Anthem etc, and not do as well commercially.

Bathyj156d ago

Jesus Christ. The first question out of her mouth, how similar is this to The Last of Us?

Looking at the gameplay I would say not at all.

Ok we get it. They're both zombie games, whether the devs admit it or not, but they're both vastly different. The gameplay is nothing alike. Enough with this stupid comparison already.

Aceman18156d ago

He's gotta be tired of hearing that stupid question lol

ArchangelMike156d ago

^^This exactly. Thank you.

And then she's like - "it's the same like in Far Cry.." and the dev was quick to shut that down, he was like - "err, no it's like Days Gone." Jeez, I love TLOU but seriously, someone should tell these games journalists that TLOU was not the first game to have an AI companion, or zombies, or crafting, or a deeper narrative, or a post-apocalyptic setting, for goodness sake.

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