Will Overwatch's New Social Features be Enough to Revitalize the Game?

Erickson: For many an Overwatch player, playing in the competitive game mode often feels like rolling a pair of dice. Especially if you are playing in solo queue. It’s not uncommon to find yourself on a team full of DPS players or that the entire enemy team is Mercy mains. That is the sad reality of Overwatch. Player skill does not determine the outcome of most matches, they are won or lost at the hero select screen.

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hydro6183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Fortnite… R E S I D E N T S L E E P E R

Kabaneri183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Fortnite took this game's playerbase for sure.

antz1104182d ago

Lol this game and Fortnite have nothing to do with each other, Fortnite def did not steal its fan base.

TheColbertinator183d ago

I would return if they added a single player story campaign.

Signal13183d ago

This will be a fortnite article soon

Razmiran183d ago

The game still has a healthy playerbase, I dont know why the doom and gloom

Kabaneri183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Not on consoles, takes 5+ minutes to find a match on Xbox.

Teflon02183d ago

It's fine on ps4 and pc. I've played both recently. Matchmaking always took long in Overwatch, but it was never over 2 minutes at most.

Razmiran182d ago

On pc it rarely takes more than a minute

InKnight7s183d ago

"I select a DPS character, and at that exact instant, another player demands that I play a tank character on the basis that I have a lot of playing time on tanks. He is very likely to throw the match if I refuse him. This kind of forced role select feeds into the hands of toxic players. And I’m glad that we are going the way of role select based on preference." Ooh someone always DPS guy here, even if the team is full of it.