NieR: Automata - Yoko Taro & Friends' Hilarious Message to Xbox One Fans; Joke (?) About Switch Port

Yoko Taro, Yosuke Saito, and Takahisa Taura send a funny message to Nier: Automata fans on Xbox One and Joke (maybe?) about a Switch version.

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SuperSonic9137d ago

I wonder how much Mas spent on buying this game

TekoIie36d ago

Probably nothing but what sort of number would salvage your ego after branding it as exclusive for the last year?

SuperSonic9136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Branding it as exclusive"? You said that not me.

MS bought FFXIII from PS3 exclusivity in the tune of $100 M dollars, dude. Google it.
Tomb Raider timed exclusivity ...the same.

MS sholud change "Xbox" to "XBuy" from now on.

Venox200836d ago

i wouldnt mind Switch version :)

36d ago
AK9136d ago

I can definitely see this on Switch it’ll be 30fps and downgraded visually but it’ll still be rad if you’ve never experienced Nier Automata before.

Segata36d ago

Love it on PS4 but it has performance issues. Not sure how well a Switch version would work. if they can great as it's a fantastic game but I find it doubtful.

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