Is PC VR Falling Behind PlayStation VR?

VR had a subdued year at E3 2018, which left PlayStation VR a clear field.

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porkChop182d ago

No? There are way more games coming out every day for Oculus/Vive/WMR.

johndoe11211182d ago

And yet the PSVR is outselling both the oculus and vive COMBINED.

porkChop182d ago

Yeah, because it's the cheapest VR. Those sales don't mean much without games. And of the "proper" VR headsets, the PSVR is by far the worst experience with the worst specs.

StormSnooper182d ago

PSVR is definitely the bigger arbiter of VR technology for gaming due to its stronger market penetration. But I think PSVR and VR on PC benefit from each other’s existence because they move in concert and the success of one is the success of the other. Meanwhile the PC VR pushes the boundaries with more capable devise options.

So there is no “falling behind”

porkChop182d ago (Edited 182d ago )


I agree. They need each other to push VR forward. One device can't do it on its own. It'll be interesting to see how the Oculus Go affects the bigger headsets.

MuddyWaters182d ago

Well when you are the cheapest unit it certainly helps, along with moneyhatting third party exclusives.

Vasto182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

PSVR is a total fail.

Every time a thread comes up now about PSVR people talk about how they have no interest in it.

thorstein182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

More VR means more VR for everyone.

Stop with the false dichotomy.

So sick of PC gamers saying PSVR HAZ NO GAAAMEZZZZ! ...errrr AAAAAAAA GAAAAMEZZZ!

And sick of PSVR gamers saying OUTSELLING, EXLUZZZIIIIVEESS!!!

Give it a rest. Both are great options and many Oculus/ Vive users also have a PSVR.

The games are where it's at and there are plenty. I love vrfocus, but this year the VR games (at least as far as Sony is concerned) are Legend-wait for it DAAARRRRRYYYY!!

Enjoy the games, stop whining.

starchild182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

And? Gear VR or some other cheap VR headset probably sells even more than PSVR. Quality isn't determined by sales figures.

But why does everything have to be a damn competion around here? VR is still in its infancy on both platforms. We need all of them. Each serves their market well.

Shadonic182d ago

Its still pretty new and hasn't been out as long as the ps4 which has been out for 3 years with the addition of being way cheaper and not needing a pretty high end PC to even run the thing plus theirs not enough advertisement for it. In terms of games available PC is kicking ass in the VR genre compared to PSVR. its obviously going to be way more profitable in sells because practically everyone and their mother has a PS4 of some version or kind and when it comes to vr its the cheapest option.

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fr0sty182d ago

@porkchop, if any of the 3 VR systems has the games, it's PSVR. It has the best exclusive lineup you'll find, plus almost all of the games that get popular on Rift/Vive. The tech is in some ways better, as well... I find the headset far more comfortable to wear and the immersion effect is better as a result of me not feeling like I have a screen strapped to my face. The higher refresh rates along with frame reprojection making the framerate 120fps at all times (vs. 90 on rift and Vive) is helpful for motion sickness as well. Sure, PS4 isn't rendering those frames out natively at that speed, but the reprojection does help, and it's also noticeable in the handful of games that do render natively at 120.

I agree the PC VR space is necessary, though, as that is the proving grounds where new VR tech (like wireless VR) can prove itself and work out any bugs before hitting the mass market in the console space.

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Promachos182d ago

Shovelware games you mean. Enlighten me and name a few AAA titles.

porkChop182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

There's a bunch of shovelware on PSVR too, so what's your point? There are still way more VR games on PC. And many of them are great. Not to mention that many non-VR games have been modded to support VR. Can't do that on a PSVR, can you?

Edit: And as far as AAA VR games go, they're pretty much all multiplatform. Not that there are that many of them with native VR support. Though Stormland was just announced by Insomniac, exclusive to the Oculus Rift.

Psychotica182d ago

Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, Alien Isolation..

SurgicalMenace182d ago

Inpatient, Resident Evil, Far Point, Skyrim, dude there are several. It's easy to dismiss what you're not willing to support. I have over 30 VR games and love my PSVR. I love most things because I'm willing to actually invest into it to get the return out of it that I want.

thorstein182d ago

RE 7
From Software's Daricine
Doom VR
Skyrim VR
Star Trek Bridge Crew
The Inpatient
Grand Turismo Sport
Dirt Rally
Robinson the Journey
Eve: Valkyrie

Oops! Those are only PSVR.Hey, Vive and Oculus owners, Help me own this troll.

"Shovelware" "I can't think for myself" " I must bash something I've never tried." Cry.

Shadonic182d ago

Of course fallout 4 and skyrim with added echo dot support

Sprint vector, From other suns, Echo Arena, Lone Echo, theirs more cant name them off the top of my head. Theirs a bunch of good indie titles as well and just overall vr experience like games. like The Wave VR, VR chat ( i know theirs desktop ) recent beat saber, Gorn ( fun as hell with multiplayer fighting friends ) Does Elite dangerous count as indie or AAA ? I could go on but id rather be playing some of these games now that i mentioned them.
Have you looked into vr games or have you just glanced at lets play vids of youtubers or streamers and took that as the entirety of whats going on.

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Babadook7182d ago

“No? There are way more games coming out every day for Oculus/Vive/WMR.”

Shovelware does not prove anything though. Falling behind in...

1. Sales
2. Quality games

porkChop182d ago

Moss is multiplatform. I'm looking at it on Steam right now. While it certainly looks great, that's not a killer app like RE7.

Same with Farpoint. It's a good game, and I did enjoy it. The PSVR I used wasn't mine so I didn't get to finish it, but Farpoint didn't feel quite like a killer app either.

"There aren’t any steam exclusives or even multiplats as good as those."

While Farpoint is good, it certainly isn't better than Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, or Doom VFR.

Babadook7182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Moss was a timed exclusive for PSVR. Another example of better games on PSVR. Skyrim too was a timed exclusive. Fallout and Skyrim are good but not tayler made for VR. Not as good as the big psvr exclusives.

mkis007182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

I would argue oculus and Vive need to start advertising. As of now the only VR that gets tv commercials is PSVR.

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kevnb182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Psvr was barely mentioned by Sony, and it seems like they are clearing them out at retail right now. So vr in general is failing, outside of trying It nobody wants to wear a helmet to game.

Kurisu182d ago

I've been playing SuperHot VR and Rez Infinite on my PSVR today. I'm looking forward to Blood & Truth, Transference, Tetris Effect, Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer and The Walker. I might not be a somebody to you but I'm more than a nobody!

Shadonic182d ago

I hope you guys get some of the Military / shooter games we got like onward or pavlov some day. would love if crossplay was introduced like it is on Rec Room

porkChop182d ago

There are a lot of great VR titles, but there aren't many killer apps that would make people go out and buy a headset. Stormland *could* be that game, but we won't know for sure until it comes out.

Kurisu182d ago

Stormland looks good. Just seen the trailer. If I had a Rift I'd definitely check it out! But I don't. So I won't xD

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Profchaos182d ago

They had a day on the showroom floor dedicated to vr which I understood because vr games typically look bad when presented they need to be experienced

Knushwood Butt182d ago

I literally just took my 'helmet' off after a few laps of Willow Springs.

The way the light from the sun affects the interior of the car, on top of the whole 'omg it actually feels like I'm sat in a real car', is simply awesome.

If I must step back and be objective, then the Tokyo city circuit is clearly too much for the tech to do it justice, but that's a minor complaint.

GT Sport

Ulf182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

VR is unstoppable. It's cheap enough to be in the hands of consumers, and made by small companies. Heck, you can make a VR headset out of cardboard, rubber bands, and plastic lenses.

Even if it's not popular enough, or cheap enough, to be called a huge success, it will inevitably succeed.

Some folks just cannot understand the truth of the forward march. Past a certain point, it's in the hands of hobbyists, and then it cannot fail to eventually find a place.

Console VR is maybe too early, sure. But failing? Think again.

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GrimDragon182d ago

Not as long as VR porn and sex games exist.

xRacer74x182d ago

Nope not even close. I bought an Oculus Rift Tuesday night and PSVR from best buy they both were on some good sales. I liked the Oculus so much that i did not even bother to open the PSVR I took it back the next day. Oculus has so many more games the games look better. Also the Rift was 499 with a 50 GC and PSVR was 250 Skyrim bundle. If you have the computer to run the games its a no brainer go with PC VR.

1Victor182d ago

Tuesday I purchased a PS4 pro a psvr a oculus ready pc and oculus and tomorrow I’m returning the pc and oculus after playing moss. Said a PlayStation fanboy

Xracer74X want to meet him you two can get along perfectly you have lying in common

xRacer74x182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Here is a link to a screen grab proving what I said was true.
By the way the message was on that page was special just for you Kiddo.

porkChop182d ago

Holy shit lol, gonna need some ice for that one.

Shadonic182d ago

Damn Victor did he kill you with his purchase history ?

generic-user-name182d ago

PSVR has the best exclusive, RE7, also has the screen door effect is less on PSVR than the PCVR headsets. There's no doubt that PCVR games can run more demanding games, if you have the rig to run them, and some very good exclusives of their own. Both have their pros and cons, PSVR will have the bigger audience though.

Kurisu182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Yeah, I don't have a PC so for me PSVR is the only option available to me. Before I got my PSVR I had never experienced any kind of VR before. I love it. PC headsets might have the extra quality but I'm happy with my PSVR as my first foray in to the experience, and I look forward to it improving in the future.

Shadonic182d ago

i wonder if theirs someone working on a hardcore resident evil remake for PC VR, it would be awesome with full movement. I also want a splinter cell like vr title, their was one guy working on one but he didnt advertise it enough and i guess he canceled the project.

Gameseeker_Frampt182d ago

Cool story bro.

"I hope so GOW seems like more of a movie than a game so far to me. Kind of let down with that game. Cyberpunk I hope is Witcher with a diff setting."
"Yea I should never have bought that PS4 Pro its a waste of an HDMI port."
"Sony blinders strong, they could take a dump on stage and sony fans would say they won."
"No way, Sony usually has a couple shows depending on what microsoft announces."
"Fool me once PSP, Fool me twice Vita. I have learned my lesson."

It is amazing that someone whose comments almost always are negative against Sony actually went out and bought a PSVR. Props though for the screenshot. That is some dedicated troll work to go out and buy a PSVR days AFTER you were trashing Sony, their conference, and their games just so you could return it and post a screenshot to back up your trolling. Kudos.

porkChop182d ago

"That is some dedicated troll work to go out and buy a PSVR days AFTER you were trashing Sony, their conference, and their games just so you could return it and post a screenshot to back up your trolling."

Are you delusional? You actually think someone would go through that trouble just to post a screenshot? This is the real world, buddy, not some conspiracy garbage like Alex Jones.

xRacer74x182d ago

I might not be Pro Sony anymore but I dont need to lie and I really hate when someone talks shyt and cant back it up. I wish I liked Sony more it just seems like they cater to a diff type of gamer. Sony was awesome back in the PSX and early ps2 days I could not imagine gaming those days without them. Like I said I loved Second Son and HZD and the ratchet remake was pretty cool too.

Gameseeker_Frampt182d ago


Oh porkChop, not surprised to see you here bashing Sony yet again and rushing to the defense to those that do the same thing. Why exactly would someone want to buy a PSVR the day after they said Sony's conference was horrible and their exclusives were bad and the only game they wanted was Spiderman?

Shadonic182d ago

yo check out the free weekend titles in the oculous home and get Echo arena its like zero G basketball

1Victor181d ago

Sorry to have called you a liar you sure proved me wrong unlike the many people here claiming to have purchased X or Y system/game and never used it

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Profchaos182d ago

I love my psvr it's not perfect but I find it to be a worthy competitor to the vive in some regards I've spent time with Arizona Sunshine in both the vive and psvr the game obviously looks better on the vive but it's not night to day. Especially with the aim controller on the psvr it plays so much better

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