Fortnite Is Amazingly Popular On Nintendo Switch... But Why?

Fortnite has been available on the Nintendo Switch for just over 24 hours, and it already has over 2 million downloads... but why is it so popular?

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JaguarEvolved156d ago

The switch lacks games so anything remotely decent will probably do well on the switch. The switch hasnt had a compelling game in more than half a year so the fanatics will flock to anything on the switch. Think about how poorly the switch version of fortnite performs but a lot of people are playing it on there

Vegamyster156d ago

Or maybe... Just maybe, because it's free and is one of the most popular games available on any playform?

G3ng4r156d ago

Also they know better than to play it on ps4 and screw up their epic account. ;)

Nebaku156d ago

Honest question, can you get through a comment without using the word "fanatics"?

shadowraiden156d ago

got a typical basher here guys. switch has had a lot of great games added recently. its got a better array of games in its first year then ps4 or xbox one had in terms of worthwhile games and not the typical every year shit you get like cod etc.

also if were going by performance then why play on console at all, Switch atleast offers decent performance while being able to play it anywhere where you can get Wifi connection which is pretty much anywhere nowadays.

BiggerBoss156d ago

The Switch is popular with kids, and Fortnite is popular with kids.

What's not to get?

cpayne93156d ago

The switch version looks and runs well from what I've played of it.

Ra3v3r156d ago

@cpayne93 and the cross platform works perfectly. I sat on the couch in the living room on my Switch with my mate, while he played on his xbox.

The Switch port is pretty nice despite the clear difference in frame rate between the two. And visually it's a bit harder to pick out targets at range as it's a bit blurrier. Otherwise it looks good and runs well.

Foraoise156d ago Show
Prince_TFK156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

And you called someone on another article a “fanatic fanboy”. Kindda ironic isn’t it? You hanging out in every Switch’s article spewing the same crap over and over again.

wonderfulmonkeyman156d ago

"The switch lacks games"

Your opinion automatically drops to being untrustworthy and irrelevant the instant you say this, because it's an outright lie.

FancyMudkip155d ago

Typical sony fanboy, you are fake news.

Neonridr155d ago

so this game is doing well on PS4 then because why Jaguar?

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GottaBjimmyb156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Well, it is just a popular game, that is free, but why people would play this version specifically over mobile, console or PC, there are a few reasons:

It is a mobile platform, curated content, games optimized for the system and built-in controller with the option of a wireless more standardized controller. It is basically mobile, but with better input. Doubt anyone who owns multiple platforms playing on switch plays while docked, but, who knows.

DrStronk155d ago (Edited 155d ago )


That’s funny.. I don’t have time for Fortnite because there’s way too much to play on the Switch right now? i’m still busy with Celeste, Hollow Knight, and Octo Expansion... Mario Tennis Aces AND Donkey Kong Adventure releases next week aswell. On top of that, i’m STILL looking for an oppertunity to dive into Xenoblade Chronicles New Game+ and Breath of the Wild’s Master Mode. I own over 20 Switch games, 10 of them being exclusives and all of having over 80 on metacritic. I have never bought that many great games for a system in a single year before, and i’ve had every xbox/playstation/nintendo since N64. Those who claim that the switch has nothing to play must either speedrun and beat everything in a couple of hours, OR have zero interest in Nintendo games: in which case, why did you buy a Switch or click on this article in the first place?

TallonIV155d ago

He's just a Sony fanboy trying to push the narrative that switch has no games.. and he's failing miserably at it lol

Smitty2020155d ago

because its portable, my friends work away alot and the take there switch with em

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Eonjay156d ago

My braincells died reading this title. Waste of time. its popular because its popular. The hell more insight could he possibly have to add?

SuperSonic91156d ago

Its free, it has the rated E appeal, its popular on PS4, they have nothing else to play in the niddle of software drought on Switch, perfec timing for Epic, so why not?

Prince_TFK156d ago

New games are released every week for the Switch, man. Fortnite is popular so that is why alot of people play it. What is wrong with that?

wonderfulmonkeyman156d ago

"they have nothing else to play in the niddle of software drought on Switch"

That's an outright lie, and your opinion is now irrelevant.
The only people experiencing a drought on Switch are the ones that only play games from a tiny selection of mainstream third party devs, and don't give the Eshop any looks or credit.

Segata156d ago

I been playing a lot of Icey and Blazblue online. In a few days getting a SMT RPG like with The Lost Child and July is so full I had to cancel some stuff.

Zeldafan64155d ago

There are 5 games coming out for the Switch in the next month that I'll be getting. Drought? Only if you play 1 or 2 genres.

TallonIV155d ago

What software drought? Another Sony fanboy trying to push the narrative that Switch has no games lol.

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PurpHerbison155d ago

Why do people complain about wasting their time then comment on the article and waste more time?

Alucard_420155d ago

not even gonna click this article, notice it was coin drop and its the same group of people that will use titles as click bait and admit it to get clicks, I don't trust their ability to properly inform people in a informative way.

Sciurus_vulgaris156d ago

The game is free, and Fortnite is already popular on PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile, therefore it was primed for success on Switch.

nitus10156d ago

You also have to consider that the Fortnite download for the PS4 and XB1 is approximately 9.25Gb compared to the 2GB download for the Nintendo Switch. Sure the Switch version of Fortnite won't have all the graphical features of the PS4, XB1 and even the PC but a 2GB download size for the Switch is small and will easily fit on the internal Storage of the Switch.

Sgt_Slaughter156d ago

Never heard of this site so this being the first article I've seen is a major negative.

Simple: Switch is extremely popular, Fortnite BR is beyond the scope of popular, combine the two and you get instant success.

hulk_bash1987156d ago

Also add in the fact that it's f2p. There's really no reason it wouldn't have been a success.

Alucard_420155d ago

coin drop admited they are here for click bait, in another article the author (or maybe someone else part of the site) said the title was written just for clicks, I would not give them 5 sec of your time

AgeInTheCage156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Every third party port is always better and belongs only on switch, because of reasons...

Sciurus_vulgaris156d ago

Yes everyone wants significantly lower framerates,decreased resolution, reduced graphics and effects and often higher prices....

Madmoose156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

I know that you're most likely trying to be funny, but whether you are or not that's exactly what most of the people here want. As that is EXACTLY what they get being console gamers. Unless you are playing on a nice rig, no console gamer has room to talk. As one way or another, you're settling. Which is funny when watching so many here change the narrative and move the goal post when that platform is mentioned.

As when PC gamers come and shit all over your favorite little box and tell you what they're doing better, you don't want to hear it. Everybody then wants to to just play games not specs. And suddenly better frame rates, resolution and a whole host of other advantages don't seem to matter. It's not until the minute when one's flavored box has an advantage over another got a whole bunch of phony as elitist pop up all of a sudden. Pathetic, but funny stuff.

A funny thing still is that if we really want to prove that we want the top-of-the-line, then even as far as consoles go you will get (or have already) the Xbox One X. Yet (just like in the case of pc) for some reason, the majority of these technomancers and pixel worshippers here on n4g are cool with dealing with inferior platforms. With their worst frame rate, resolution, the whole f'ing 9. Supposed "pro" versions included.

So even as far as consoles go, unless you have Microsoft's Xbox One X as your go to box, you definitely want ALL of those things that you mention. Yet we're trying to take sarcastic digs at a device not even close to half the size as other boxes lol.

paintedgamer1984156d ago

Dont forget inferior online mp.

nitus10156d ago

I know you were trying to be sarcastic but Fortnite is actually a free game and for the Switch, it is 2GB so it would easily fit on the internal storage (approx 26HB available).

Sure Fortnite on the Switch won't be as good as what you can get on the PS4, XB1 or the PC but it will still work and I am quite sure most Switch owners will be very happy playing the game.

VariantAEC154d ago

Hate to break this to you (and every PC gamer) but PC has limitations too.
Also why does PlayStation hardware most often get the best looking games from Spyro, Crash and Gran Turismo on PS1 to Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub and Detroit: Become Human on PS4?
I mean we KNOW AND UNDERSTAND that PC IS BETTER HARDWARE, yet every gen we get games like these on PS hardware that blow the computer competition away. Even DF admitted as much when doing a retrospective of Crysis 2 and they brought up Killzone 2 a couple times!

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wonderfulmonkeyman156d ago

That sounds like the same kind of salt that Sony and Microsoft gamers were spitting around when Bayonetta 2 was announced, albeit with a bit of sarcasm for flavor.

VariantAEC154d ago

I don't think anyone was genuinely salty about Bayo 2 going to Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman153d ago

Then you obviously weren't around these parts when it released.
There were TONS of people, not just here on N4G but on several sites, saying that Platinum was "betraying its fanbase" by putting Bayonetta 2 on Wii U.