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Gaming Boulevard wrote:

I did not intend to rate the expansion because I can only award it a perfect score based upon how it plays and what it costs. The reason not really wanting to rate it is simple, I think this should have been there from the start. Splatoon 2 always felt like a quick remake of the initial Wii U game and it needed more to set itself apart from the original. This Expansion does that trick, but should have been there from the start in my humble opinion.

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Gemmol155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

If Nintendo made a game took parts away from it and sell the game then sell the part they took out a month after the game release people would be upset.....instead they finish the game, add stuff every month while working on the dlc taking their time and now its too late, how is it too late this game biggest selling game in Japan, none of Sony big sellers put it out, dragon quest came and lost to it, monster hunter came and loss to it, the game don't even chart no more while splatoom still much more games splatoom have to beat for people to recognize its bigger than monster hunter final fantasy dragon quest and its only on one would need sales from.both Xbox and ps4 version with pc version added together to beat splatoom om one console

Have respect for splatoon its doing something no one predicted its lasting longer than any prediction

Best part its doing it without price cut, final fantasy monster hunter dragon quest all had price cuts already to help its sales