Nintendo Labo Sells an Estimated 316,753 Units First Week at Retail

The gaming and construction toy platform from publisher and developer Nintendo - Nintendo Labo - sold 316,753 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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FallenAngel198499d ago

I still can’t belive Nintendo got away with this

Prettygoodgamer99d ago

I saw this product in the shop the other day and I said to my partner "can you believe they are selling you a cardboard box full of cardboard and there are people that will actually buy it"

BiggerBoss99d ago

Hey, these are pretty good sales for a bunch of cardboard, lmao.

Prettygoodgamer99d ago


"Hey, these are pretty good sales for a bunch of cardboard, lmao" That says a lot about the general switch owner really huh.

JaguarEvolved99d ago

Lol. Well whatever rubbish Nintendo releases the fanatics will buy it then brag about the sales. I'm amazed by the stupidity of a lot of the adults that would buy this for themselves. It's meant for children but I know a lot of the fanatical fan base bought this expensive cardboard. Nintendo will continue to put out little effort and expect their fanbase to Flock to whatever they release and make a lot of money off their stupidity. It's amazing how they released cardboard when the switch lacks games for months. Nintendo will release a lot more cardboard due to the stupidity of the fanatics

UltraNova99d ago

You dont get it don't you guys... Nintendo's plan is frickin genius. They have a "center pillar directive" if you like, what would a mum/aunt/grandma buy their children/nephews/grandchildren ? Meanwhile pump out enough games for grown-ups(kinda) so those children can stick around and keep spending on their platform. They did it with the Wii and they are trying to do it again.

Genius I tell you.

Derceto99d ago

Take a look around for the last 10 years. I'm surprised it took this long really.

"Gaming" is, by far, the dumbest collective customer base of any market on the planet.

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Prettygoodgamer99d ago

I have a few packing boxes in my garage, I'll sell them to you Kun you can pretend to be a robot. Only $70 going cheap.

Prince_TFK99d ago


Do you provide me the software to interact with your box as well?

Prettygoodgamer99d ago


"Do you provide me the software to interact with your box as well" it's called the brain, I was under the assumption you might already have one....

Prince_TFK99d ago


You dodged the question. Nintendo’s cardboard comes with software to interact with it. Now I ask, do your cardboard from your garage come with softwares to interact with the Switch as well?

mkis00799d ago

At best the software is a techdemo...$80 is crazy.

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MasterChief362499d ago

Yeah, the fact that the name is so similar to a biological term for female anatomy and was such a success despite that. I'm thinking this is how Volvo felt when they were a success.

BiggerBoss99d ago

What, you're not interested in Nintendo Labia? What about Nintendo Uteros?

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SegaGamer98d ago

I can. Some people will buy any crap Nintendo throws at them. The rules change with some people when Nintendo releases crap. If any other company did it, they would be laughed at.

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addictedtochaos99d ago

Did better than I thought it would, assuming these numbers are correct.

MasterChief362499d ago

A long time ago, outlets utilizing VG Chartz were admonished by myriad people due to the site's inaccurate repute. But I see them being used as a legitimate source more often nowadays... are those inaccuracies no more? Were they ever even there?

Gemmol99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Lol they only use it not because Wii not beating ps3 no more, the generation now they use it for ps4. Vs Xbox and Wii U

Prettygoodgamer99d ago

The numbers are never completely accurate, that's why the guy has to add more to the ps4 sales every time Sony releases official numbers.

mkis00799d ago

They arent, but who else tracks them that you can quote? I doubt they are more than 5 million off.

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chris23599d ago

i‘m not sure what baffles me more. that the switch became a thing or that also labo got accepted by its supporters.

Goldby99d ago

It also has more sales than. SoT did first week

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