Modern Combat 5 Blackout for Nintendo Switch Announced

The mobile first person shooting game, Modern Combat 5 Blackout has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

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cpayne9397d ago

Better have a low price tag

Hungryalpaca97d ago

The modern combat games are free

cpayne9397d ago

On mobile they might be but these kinds of games get price increases when they came to vita from what I remember. I'd rather have pubg mobile come to switch than anything tho.

Gemmol97d ago

When mobile games came to switch there are no microtransactio. Everything is unlocked so its not free

But if the game will keep the microtransaction i can see it being free like fortnite

blackblades97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Played one of those games on nvidia shield for free. Surprise it's coming to a console.

Zjet97d ago

Cool it's actually not half bad.

As long as it's playable offline for campaign.

Switch really needs a shooter with offline bot support though....a shame dooms bots require internet I really don't get that on a portable device.

Maybe we will get Black ops 4 with bots eventually.

Hell I'd take Black ops 2 from Wii u any day the bot support was great

shuvam0997d ago

Should've announced this at the Direct...

Prince_TFK97d ago

This is a mobile free to play game. I don’t think it is big enough to warrent a Direct announcement.

WPX97d ago

LOL Better than BLOPS4 because it has a campaign mode.

TheRealAwest81597d ago

I can't wait to play this online, Im starving for any COD-Like gameplay I can get on switch. Im so tired of playing BLOPs 2 & CoD Ghost on wii u gamepad. This is a day 1 buy for me. The new game Modern combat versus is fun on tablet as well. I wish gameloft would bring a version of the PS3 game Modern Combat: Domination to switch.