Resident Evil 2 Remake Map Has Been Greatly Expanded, Comparison With Original Game

The scope of Resident Evil 2 has been greatly expanded in this Remake.

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TeamIcoFan98d ago

I'm sure people will still find something to complain about.

HeisenbergX98d ago

Yeah and i as a mega RE fan have a complaint right of the bat.. why the F do i need a deluxe version of the game or dlc or whatever it is to be able to switch to old soundtrack.. why Capcom whyyyyyy !

KyRo98d ago

That's all people have done after E3. It's pathetic for minor things like camera perspectives or woman as main lead roles. It's like every gamer wants the same over and over it's silly.

monkey60298d ago

Naruga will be in here any moment with his trademark whinge

snake-OO98d ago

I saw a post by someone complaining about the lack of original voices from a ps1 game . SMH .

TricksterArrow98d ago

Alyson Court's absence is definitely a let down. She is great as Claire, even during the PS1 era, you could see she really shines and plays the part. That being said, it's not a deal breaker, the game looks pretty good! I'm excited.

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wheatley98d ago

My game of E3 (that has a release date). So excited to play this!