Black Ops 4 will split the playerbase again with Season Pass, and it needs to change

In the midst of all the E3 2018 bombardment of news, Activision quietly announced that Black Ops 4 will indeed have a season pass after all, titled the ‘Black Ops Pass’. Why in a climate such as this is one of the world’s most renown franchises still holding on to an increasingly archaic approach?

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Chaosdreams187d ago

Greed. Their blood is green.

Crazyglues187d ago

Did people really think that Activision was not going to go after the money, that they would somehow care about robbing you for an extra $50 bucks, the same company that completely threw out the Campaign, the same company who decided there will be no Remaster of COD MW2 this year because they just want to keep all the money for less work..... LoL You suddenly think they care about what you want... LMAO

Wake up and smell the coffee, the only FPS you should be buying this year is BF5, take a break from this washed up series, if you need Black Ops so bad, go download 3 it's free right now on PSN... and trust me you won't even be able to tell the difference from that multi-player to this years... LoL (it's the same exact game)

Come on' do yourself a favor step away from the madness and vote with your wallet.. Tell Activision Enough already with milking your favorite Franchise... Or buy your map pack, play for a month and then realize you should have never bought that... again.... LoL..

princejb134187d ago

COD may be washed but BF is not far behind. BF hasn't been good since 3

Crazyglues186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

@ princejb134

I agree with you on that there really are no good answers here, I was just trying to go with the lesser of two evils, but I agree, both companies have really messed up the FPS market.... I agree with you a 100 percent, BF is not far behind..

jjb1981187d ago

They know that 90% of people that are hooked on the game will buy the map packs for the new call of doody.

masterfox187d ago

lol this is not the actual issue here, I think Activision are into a big surprise when they realize the game is not selling the way they hope so cause the exclusion of the single player campaign, I mean seriously you are getting a piece of a complete game, is just a damn multiplayer game with a price of 60 bucks, disgusting.

Blu3_Berry187d ago

Sadly, casuals are going to buy it and it will easily sell 5 million+ copies regardless if it has single player or not. I don't think not having a campaign is going to impact call of duty in the slightest.

WorldGamer187d ago


I think you may be onto something. On a related topic, I downloaded BlackOps III the other day for my PS4 since it was included with PS+, and I must say I was shocked at the quality level. Hit detection was questionable in MP and the single player portion left me wondering what the hell I was playing. I bring all of this up to say that maybe losing SP isn't so bad since it didn't seem to be that great in 3. Maybe it will give them more resources to polish the MP component more than it has been.

I try to be fair, so I will try to complete the SP portion to fairly assess it, but from what I have seen so far, I don't think it would be a great loss. Sad how far the CoD franchise has fallen, this was once one of my most treasured MP experiences.

micdagoat19187d ago

Wait so they took single player away, are charging 60$ and still have a season pass? That's numerous slaps to the face and a kick to the Nuts lol

Majin-vegeta187d ago

Yup while BF V is offering free DLC so all you pay is just $60 And you're good

Oschino1907187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

And you're stupid enough to believe there is no catch with BF having no season pass because you have a blind raging hate for COD and have been very vocal about it for years.

We get it, you don't like COD and you are more than happy to give BF a pass on anything they do because it's not COD.

I am not getting either game but I look forward to the routine again this year of you going out of your way to inform everyone in COD articles about how bad it is and how great BF is.

Majin-vegeta187d ago

@Oschino The catch is they will sell cosmetics which im willing to accpet in exchange for free maps,game modes and weapons.,,but you keep on paying more money for some crappy maps.

micdagoat19187d ago

I have liked Battlefields single player more than anything usually. But yeah I probably won't buy either then. Ill just start playing Gears again or something lol.

BadElf187d ago

Well, thats upsetting to read

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