Phil Spencer Admits Xbox Team “Lost Touch” With Some Japanese Creators, But Support Is Only Going Up

However, things are getting better as the company is building tighter relationships with Japanese creators.

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darthv724d ago

I personally want more SHMUPS and I know I'm not alone in that regard. Somebody should light a fire under Cave to start porting their huge catalog of shooters. Toaplan, Irem, hell even Technosoft (now part of Sega). I want new versions of classic games like Thunderforce, RType, Truxton, Gradius. If Darius can get a new release then why the hell not Gradius?????

xX-oldboy-Xx3d ago

darthv72 - You are definitely not alone, but how well do they sell? Whenever I'm in Japan (usually once a year) I always hit an arcade and throw a few hundred yen into the latest SHMUP. I wish the genre was more popular.

Zeref3d ago

It's already coming true.

One Piece World Seeker is coming to Xbox for crying out loud, when was the last time One Piece was on Xbox? if ever.. only one I can think of is burning blood, was that the first one?

XiNatsuDragnel3d ago

Big brother. What we do know that Microsoft has to pay money to get these which is good and all, but convincing the Japanese game industry = hell naw.

Go hang out with Mavis and tell her I said hi

Zeref3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I don't disagree little brother. But we're seeing improvement compared to a couple of years ago. The Japanese market will never fully embrace Xbox. The only way I see them gaining ground is buying a Japanese Company and using their brand, I'm thinking Sega would be the best candidate for them since Sega is still very strong in Japan.
Buy Sega, Reintroduce Xbox there as the Sega X or something. Only way for them to compete there.

Also the fact the 2 of their biggest franchises are being developed by Sega companies helps , The relationship is obviously there, they were even almost acquired at one point, had that happened I think Xbox would be in a much different position in the Japanese market right now.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 15h ago

But Sega is a strong company big bro. It's better to create a Japanese Xbox studio..

gamerzero4d ago

Phil, buddy... All you did was pay Japanese devs who were already making multiplatform games to be on your E3 stage.

UltraNova4d ago

At least they tried, the only way they know how but still they tried.

-Foxtrot4d ago

Not really the same as "and here's...Lost Odyssey 2"

gamerzero4d ago

Haha Phil "Here's Tales of Vesperia"

/mumble oh btw it's multi-platform this time...

darthv723d ago

LO2 would have been huge and long overdue. Maybe even a Blue Dragon 2 would be nice to have.

Septic3d ago

Yeah that needs to happen

Magnetar3d ago

Seriously, you really think he paid them.... It’s free advertising.

Srhalo3d ago

Be realistic... of course money traded hands.

phoenixwing3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Yes he would have to have paid them. The effort and money to advertise on microsoft is lost on it's fans. Most of the people who buy japanese games are sony and nintendo owners. I'm very certain that in order to even get vesperia on the xbox one ported over they had to let them sell it to all the countries and console competitors who missed it before.

Kun_ADR3d ago

And? Isn’t that what you all wanted, for MS to get more games? And now suddenly it seems like a bad thing that MS get more games?

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morganfell4d ago

Would someone please tap the turntable, the record keeps getting stuck in the same spot.

AngelicIceDiamond3d ago

How bout that record about investing more in 1st party. And what did we learn from that? Whats makes you think MS can't get back in touch with Japanese devs?

xX-oldboy-Xx3d ago

Of course they can, just open that checkbook. But it wont equate to an increase in console sales, that's a reality. And the games wont sell well on xbox, that's another reality.

slate913d ago

oldboy, "open that checkbook" is a quick fix strategy that has failed MS in the past and has gotten them in this mess to begin with. Things take time. They needed time for the 1st party studios, and after the countless meetings I'm sure he had with the higher-ups, he got it done.
They got the right platform out (X), they got the studios out, now give them time to build relationships with Japanese devs.

Good relationships won't develop by "open that checkbook" strategy. It will take time. And Phil&team are finally doing it the right way. We must be patient now.

morganfell3d ago

"Whats makes you think MS can't get back in touch with Japanese devs?"

The same thing that makes me think they can't make a decent music player, a phone, a web based game service for the PC. Its called history.

TheCommentator3d ago

I think that every time you post.

StifflerK4d ago

If MS are serious about increasing their appeal in Japan/Asia - why not create a new first party studio there???
Owning a studio that attracts local talent and makes content specifically for Asia seems like the better option for long term improvement.

manabyte773d ago

Because MS can’t grasp the concept of creation. Need a specific game? Buy it! Need to cover a genre? Buy it! Need first party support? Buy it!

Cmv383d ago

They have never truly cared about the essence of gaming.

gangsta_red3d ago

Yea, who would have thought that buying things is how the business world works.

TheCommentator3d ago

Two studios MS talked about are brand new studios, Playground's second studio and The Initiative.
Playground's first studio and Undead Labs were only making Xbox games so buying them (smartly) moves them from "2nd Party".
Ninja Theory and Compulsion are the only 3rd party acquisitions out of the six studios MS announced at E3.

At any rate, shouldn't you be happy that MS has increased it's ability to make games? It seems like a lot of unnecessary work on your part to keep moving the goalposts.

Razzer3d ago

And? Sony bought Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Bend, Media Molecule, and Guerilla Games.

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gangsta_red3d ago

I agree and have said this before thatS needs one studio in Japan that can make Japanese type games with a Western appeal.

ElementX3d ago

Honestly, creating a studio in Japan wouldn't really help Xbox sales in Japan.

j15reed3d ago

Any type of sells in Japan are minuscule at best unless its a handheld.

BlackIceJoe3d ago

I'd like to see Lost Odyssey 2, please.

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