Is Nintendo Switch in trouble?

After a slight E3 showcase, investors and analysts are concerned over Switch sales. But are they right?

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PhoenixUp131d ago

“Another concern centres on the Switch's recent performance. After dominating 2017 with numerous blockbusters, this year has been quieter for Nintendo.”

A large reason Switch’s first year library was so seemingly packed was because Nintendo prematurely axed Wii U’s lifecycle, moving various titles from it to Switch. The first half of its second year was largely bolstered by ports with only Kirby Star Allies & Mario Tennis Aces being the only notable original titles.

“But there's no need to do anything yet”

Indeed. Even without a lot of major releases in the first half of the year Switch has still performed admirably and 3DS is still hanging in there.

VGC estimates that each major platform so has sold this well during the first five months of 2018

PS4 sold 5,863,216 units
NS sold 4,261,030 units
XO sold 1,937,158 units
3DS sold 1,299,329 units
PSV sold 126,675 units

Neonridr131d ago

well we all know how the holiday season is going to go for Nintendo with the Pokemon games and Smash alone.

superchiller130d ago

The Pokemon games are trash and Smash is a port, not much to be excited about there.

cpayne93130d ago

^wrong on both accounts. I do wish that ultimate was more different than 4 but let's not get crazy.

Shiken130d ago


Pokemon is a remake of yellow, it will do fine. I wish it did not have the GO mechanics added, but it will still sell well.

Smash is confirmed not to be a port, get over it.

ShadowWolf712130d ago

Smash is a port with an expanded roster, wheter folks wanna admit it or not.

Those Pokemon games are an insult to Pokemon games though. Actual garbage, and a JOKE at $60.

Zeldafan64130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

superchiller is in pain. I feel SOOO bad for him/her.

Prince_TFK130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


Smash is a port?

*looked up the entire web*

Well. I didn’t see Smash Ultimate on the NES, SNES, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Gameboy, DS, 3DS, Game&Watch....

3-4-5130d ago

@Superchiller. It's not a port, they've even stated many times it's a new game built from the ground up.

Just because all the content from Smash 4 is in this doesn't make it a port. They re-did the character models and animations from scratch and yea some of the move sets carry over but are tweaked because of new game mechanics and gameplay speed.

It literally has all the content of every smash game ever.

You are jealous and it's obvious.

Dragonscale130d ago

Smash alone is pretty bad lol.

Neonridr130d ago

Smash is maybe on the surface a port. But when you see that it has every character, tons of stages, new movesets, new final smashes, new modes, new mechanics, plus more I am probably leaving out, it's quick to see that it's not the same game at all.

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OneLove130d ago

Pokemon trash? Your in the minority on this. They could make a game called pokemon fart and it would still move millions.

FancyMudkip130d ago

Fans: We want Super Smash Bros and we do not care if its a port.
Nintendo: Here is Super Smash Bros, coming in 2018.
Fans: It's a port.
Nintendo at E3: Super Smash Bros will have every characters even Ridley.
Fans: Yep they spent that much time on a port.
Nintendo: This is a NEW game built from the ground up.
Fans: Yep it's a port
Me: But they said is new.
Fans: Nope it's a port and no one can tell me otherwise.

Protagonist130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

What?? Why are you making this stuff up on N4G?? On this very same thread you got the hardcore nintendo fans that says it is not a port.

Maybe you are living in a parallel universe? cause I do not see the usual nintendo fans on N4G saying it is a port.

Gemmol130d ago

Believe it being a port if you want.......everyone else with eyes can see difference

Gemmol130d ago

Vgc numbers not correct beside Japan numbers which they take from mediacreate

It's crazy how wen Wii was winning everyone on here who only had Sony systems say get these fake estimates out of here, now they look at these numbers like they accurate but forget its still same old estimating they did from.back then

I guess people only choose to accept things when it goes with their agenda or favorite console

But beside these vgc estimates i do agree with you all systems are doing well this year it was hunter far cry god of war,and other games i missed that were huge also kept ps4 going

I expected Xbox to have second place because even without god of war it still got monster hunter far cry and other big multi plat games that ps4 got

Switch I expected 3rd place no big hitters, they basically just coasted for the first half of the still shocked it sold so much and erase all leads Sony got from big games in Japan and basically tells me no matter what big game Sony get for ps4 in Japan the switch will keep on winning and keep on getting more Japanese developers because they can't ignore the sales

It's crazy switch FIFA out sell ps4 FIFA in Japan so now EA have to make more FIFA games for switch.......bandai xenoverse sold better on switch vs ps4 in shorter time so now they have to make more games for us and its paying off

Hero acadmey Valkyrie chronicles tales of vesperia dragon ball fighterz all of these would not come to Wii U, but its all possible on switch

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FlyingFoxy131d ago

There was a lack of first party, nevermind third party games, at E3.

I was hoping for a proper Starfox, Pilotwings too. So yea a little disappointed. A Conker game would be nice on the Switch, or maybe Playtonic can make a similar game for the adults.

Neonridr131d ago

not sure, Rare might own the rights to Conker.

ShadowWolf712130d ago

Rare does own Conker, it's why he was gonna wind up in Project Spark.

MuddyWaters130d ago

Every generation Nintendo shows their incompetence to get content out in a timely fashion. Once they let the 3DS die things will slowly change and E3 didn't show any 3DS as far as I know so things are looking up for 2019 and beyond.

wonderfulmonkeyman130d ago

That Mech game they showed at the start of Nintendo's Direct looked pretty damned good, and I hear a LOT of people are glad that Super Mario Party is going back to the none-cart method of movement, plus it will have online play.

As for Star Fox, I'd love that too, but Starlink looks like Rogue Squadron so I'll take that. [plus you can get all the stuff from the toys through digital, so no need to have all the toys if you don't want them.]

strayanalog131d ago

Nope. A lot can happen between now and the holiday season. Besides, we no doubt have plenty of Directs and other announcements to get to yet.

The 10th Rider130d ago

I mean, Smash, Mario Party, and Pokemon all typically sell more than Zelda. Smash and Pokemon typically outsell 3D Mario. Commercially they have a strong lineup this year, so I don't think there's really much of anything else for the holidays. A few smaller titles, most likely.

Zeldafan64130d ago

Mario Party doesn't outsell Zelda

The 10th Rider130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


I guess "typically" isn't really the right word to use for Mario Party. It fluctuates. People tend to conflate Zelda's critical success with its commercial success. In actuality, Zelda four real breakout hits are the original, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and now Breath of the Wild. Mario Party has had two: Mario Party DS and Mario Party Wii. Outside of that Mario Party sells less, but it's also a far more saturated series. For instance, using the Gamecube as an example, it's much harder to sell four Mario Party games to an individual than it is to sell two very different Zelda games. It's also a bit more difficult of a comparison as three of the top selling Zelda games released before Mario Party had even started as a series. On the Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, DS, and 3DS, Mario Party sold more on the Wii and on the DS while Zelda sold more on the other consoles . . . however the 3DS Mario Party games were utter trash while the 3DS Zelda's contained a remake of one of the most acclaimed games of all time and the massive critical success, A Link Between Worlds.

On 3DS the Mario Party series has struggled to find it's footing while Legend of Zelda has successfully repositioned itself as a major series now with BOTW. However, Super Mario Party is going back to the beloved game-board style of play that was popular in the earlier Mario Party games, something that fans have been clamoring for ever since they ditched it. I think it's highly likely that this time around we will see Mario Party sales similar to the Wii and DS games.

Moonman131d ago

Smash Bros. Ultimate looks like it's going to be awesome though. I am not even a huge Smash fan and I'm really excited for it. It should be massive this holiday.

wonderfulmonkeyman130d ago

Not gonna lie; I don't plan to play as Daisy but I couldn't help smiling when she was announced.

Travis3708131d ago

I know I’ve been disappointed lately. Smash bros doesn’t excite me and I was hoping for a new Zelda spin off or virtual console. I haven’t touched it since Mario Odyssey and I would love to have more 3rd party games. If the drought continues into 2019 like it did this year then I’ll be selling my switch.

Neonridr131d ago

well you will get a virtual console of sorts if you sign up for the online services this fall. What sorts of games do you like to play? Tons of lesser known titles that are pure gems on the system.

ShadowWolf712130d ago

I'd love to know where, cuz I sure can't find any.

Neonridr130d ago

@Shadow - go look at the eshop. Full of amazing titles.