Phil Spencer: The Next Xbox Might Offer Higher Frame Rates And A Balance Between CPU & GPU

Phil Spencer announced his plans for the next Xbox console at Microsoft's E3 press conference this year. The Xbox boss wanted people to know that he loves the track record of Microsoft's hardware team.

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Ninja_Ryu131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Wow Phil is talking more about the next Xbox pretty early and the One X just came out 7 months ago. Shouldn't he wait for the new first party exclusives to release first and let that speak for itself.

DarkVoyager131d ago

He’s just reassuring fans they’re going to continue making consoles since some “claim” they won’t.

“Phil wanted to assure people that consoles are still a prime focus at Microsoft. He hopes the next Xbox can offer higher frame rates, a perfect balance between CPU and GPU and a box that can launch games faster.“

Omegasyde131d ago

Guy is shootinf himself in the damn foot.

You don’t talk about future hardware just when you released new hardware.

Phil needs to be replaced asap. He is doing way more harm than good right now.

UltraNova131d ago

Is it me or "reassuring" people who just spend 500 bucks on the Kraken (x) that their investment is going to be replaced soon is not the best thing to keep rubbing in?

twiggytree12131d ago

"He’s just reassuring fans they’re going to continue making consoles since some “claim” they won’t"

That kinda thing can be handled on twitter, he needs to focus on current gen.

pinkcrocodile75131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

@omega and ultranova - You're saying MS shouldn't mention their next console is in development but you're ok with Shawn Layden doing exactly the saem thing nearly a year ago.

Seems to be one rule for Sony and another for Microsoft. If you're going to pick on something like this as a negative, why give Sony a pass?

All I'm saying is, be consistent.

Prince_TFK131d ago

“Who claim they won't??”

Tell me you aren’t serious with that. No, really, tell me with a straight face and a vow to God as well.

UltraNova131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


When did Layden release a new console with virtually no in house support that left people scratching their heads as to why they bought the new one to begin with when they could very well play everything on PC or better yet buy the competitors console that has a ton more to play, only to start "reassuring" them 7 months later that they will have to bite the bullet, forget this gen and wait for the next one because more promises (aka tough luck guys)? Where is the Xb1 X must have game? The game that makes a 500 buck console worth it? I mean damn dude at least try make it worthwhile for those poor guys/gals who trusted you yet again...

Oh be reminded that I never once liked the iterative console idea and I was pretty vocal about it.

You know whats funny pink? Consistency can be a bitch some times.

MuddyWaters131d ago

"You don’t talk about future hardware just when you released new hardware."

He didn't announce a new Xbox, he said they are working on new hardware. We all know each company is making new hardware and just wanted to reassure people they are committed to Xbox and consoles. Even Yves from Ubisoft was talking about the next generation being the last, Phil disagrees.

Sony also mentions the PS5 is coming but it's a ways off, so how is that any different?

2017, Sony addresses talk about the PS5
"Layden said that it would "probably be some time" before the PS5 is released, which suggests that talk of a 2018 launch is premature."

Phil is not talking about a new Xbox anytime soon, just that they are coming. So enough of the double standards. Many questioned the Xbox future , about Game Pass taking over, the lack of investment into 1st party, and so on. Now the new commentary is he's shooting himself in the foot by talking about? Amazing how some will look for anything to try and curb any enthusiasm.

j15reed131d ago

You guys are funny didn't Sony a couple months ago talk about new hardware coming? I guess since it's MS it's a problem.

131d ago
candystop131d ago

It's good he did this ahead of the next spin. We all know that soon many would claiming there won't be another Xbox! This just kills that soon and nothing more.

fiveby9131d ago

Sounds like they have a trust issue if they have to talk about this so directly.

darthv72130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

xbo (like the ps4) is approaching 5 years for base hardware. Thanks to the mid gen refresh in the last 1-2 years, they get to live out another 2-3 years on top of that. We know its coming so why not talk about it? What i got from his comment is that they ARE going to make another console when others said it wasn't likely to happen.

Well.... it's happening.

Cueil130d ago

current gen is almost over people... Sony showed a bunch of cross generational titles and Spiderman at their confrence and Microsoft did the same. We all know that a new console is coming, but you can't announce a streaming service and then not say you're working on your console... not Microsoft... maybe Sony can get away with that, but we all know if he had not said that we'd be talking about how Microsoft is getting out of the business.

conanlifts130d ago

The problem is that as a day one X owner he now has me concerned that they are trying to move on. Ironically the X is a great piece of hardware and it would have skyrocketed in sales had they released enough high quality software.

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AspiringProGenji131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

You should have gotten the memo at E3 bro. “Fked up this gen. Wait for the next one. I’ll be lit. Xbox X you said? Thanks for your purchase.”

343_Guilty_Spark131d ago

They fucked up yet all the upcoming games they mentioned such as Halo Infinite,Gears 5, Ori 2, and likely anything from the new studio purchases will also come to the Xbox One family.

UCForce131d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark Halo Infinite is way far off. We already know Gears 5 and Ori 2 are coming. But there is no new IP AAA for Xbox One.

Prince_TFK131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


You might have forgotten a little game called Forza Horizon 4. Its not new IP, but it still AAA nonetheless.

UCForce131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

@Kun_ADR I know Forza Horizon 4 is coming out this year, but that’s only one Microsoft game release this year.

thisismyaccount131d ago

2013 to 2018

+ halo collection, still buggy?
+ halo 5 with a bad campagin
+ halo wars 2
+ titanfall
+ forza 5
+ forza 6
+ forza 7
+ gears of war collection
+ gears 4
+ forza horizon 2
+ forza horizon 3
+ rare replay
+ susnet overdrive
+ quantum break
+ recore
+ cuphead
+ ryse ...

upcoming games
+ gears mobile?
+ gears tactics
+ gears 5
+ forza horizon 4
+ forza 8
+ halo rts? destiny clone multiverse

+ few more moneyhats ... do people eventually see a pattern here?!

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AngelicIceDiamond131d ago

@Ninja Most on this website. "They're ditching hardware to be exclusively a service." Was the most shouted.

Septic131d ago

Yeah with embarrassing frequency.

343_Guilty_Spark131d ago

We should keep a running list of people who make such baseless comments.

Snakeking33131d ago

Man I bet halo don’t even come out into the next system I mean the game been in development for at least 3 years and they had no game play at all

crazyCoconuts131d ago

None of us know what they're going to do. But would it be impossible that in 2020 they release streaming devices and software and wait on the new traditional console release until 2021? I wouldn't be surprised if they were focusing on streaming for the short term given the comments they've been making (Phil and MS as a whole) and since they just released a powerful console a year ago...

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Pantz131d ago

Because he was responding honestly to questions about it in an interview? Maybe you should try watching the interview, it was great. He was really open and honest about everything.

DiRtY131d ago


The Xbox One x will most likely play all the games the next Xbox offers. It will be the same procedure as with smartphones and PCs today.

In 2020 the original Xbox One (S) will probably only get smaller games like Ori or We Happy Few, but won't be able to play the big ones like Gears of War 6, Fable IV, Battlefield VII or something like that. The console is 7 years old by then, so no surprise here. Try to use a 7 year old smartphone today or a gaming PC from 2010, you get the idea. The only way the original Xbox will get to play the AAA blockbuster games by then is probably the streaming service MS is working on.

The Xbox One X will play those games, but with lower resolution and FPS or other "downgrades" compared to the latest Xbox machine.

The latest Xbox will play all the games in the best possible way (higher resoultion, more FPS, better textures, etc.). It will be the flagship of the Xbox family.

So in 2020 you have the choice:

Xbox One S: Plays all Xbox One games, a ridculously amount of Xbox 360 games with backward compatibility and some smaller titles or indies. It will be $149 - $199.

Xbox One X: Plays all Xbox One games with an upgraded resolution, a ridculously amount of Xbox 360 games with backward compatibility and all new titles with lower resolution / FPS for another 2-3 years or so. It will be $299 - $349.

Xbox NEXT: Plays all Xbox One games with an even more upgraded resolution, a ridculously amount of Xbox 360 games with backward compatibility and all the new titles at 4k / 60FPS for 5-7 years. it will be $499.

UltraNova131d ago

I'd add an xbox branded game stream box to the mix as well.

ABizzel1131d ago

I just have to be that guy, but the best GPUs from 2010 are the GTX 580 and HD 6970, but both of those GPUs can still game well at 1080p and both are more powerful than the base XBO and PS4. And if we roll into 2011 (7 years) then you're looking at the HD 7970 which is about 10% less powerful than the PS4 Pro.

The best CPU a Core i7 870 was a quad-core / 8 thread CPU, which is good enough to easily get you console standard fps in most games and powerful enough to get you 1080p @ 60fps in the majority of games with the HD 7970 backing it.

Now Cellphones I completely agree.

DiRtY131d ago


Yeah, the GTX 580 can run some of the games today. Battlefield 1 with low settings at 25FPS... well it does run it though. And it cost $499 back then. just the GPU.

The i7-870 launched for $580... So just the CPU and the GPU cost almost $1,100. Add some things like HDD, memory, motherboard etc. the total setup would have a $2,000 price tag or something like that.

8 years later, you can only play games on very low settings with inconsistent FPS. I doubt it can run the biggest games in 2019 though.

Oh, and I am not hating on PCs here. Same goes for consoles. A 8 year old console won't give you a great experience either.

Aceman18131d ago

It's a good thing I didn't buy this damn console I knew they'd run their mouths about a new system even though the 1X just released less than a year ago 😒

Pantz131d ago

Why? You could be playing it for 3 years and sell it towards the new console if you want to buy it.

Sitdown131d ago

The 1X just released less than a year ago, but it's still the same generation as Xbox one. Some of you all look for any reason to complain, let's just stop pretending you were actually going to purchase one.

Aceman18131d ago

@pant, sit down

Yea no I'm not buying it now just to have to turn around and buy the new one right then. I might as well wait for the new system, and I variety of new exclusive IPs not named halo, forza, gears.

3rd party games I can play on my ps4 for now.

Ooh and sitdown I originally bought the Xbox for quantum break, and sold it a month after beating the game since it disappointed me.

Zero cool 108 is my gamertag, don't go assuming I've never owned an xbox system. I've owned them all at one point. You MS fanboys are truly a special bunch 😒

aconnellan131d ago

You know your console doesn’t switch off when the new one comes out... right?

To that point people shouldn’t buy a PS4 because the PS5 is on the horizon too, right?

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Gaming_1st131d ago


Exactly, and when he said that, i coughed from the smoke. He has promised the world since he has been in the seat, and to no avail has delivered on very little. But hey throw something shiney at fans and they forget everything.

gangsta_red131d ago

Lol! So let's rid of Kinect, created Game Pass, created a more powerful mid gen console, completely changed the Xbox S, play anywhere, digital gifting, digital refunds, BC, most BC game are automatically upgraded and then bought 5 new studios.

But yeah, he definitely delivered on very little.

You guys stay mad at Phil don't you?

DJ_Professor_K131d ago

Might be another round of let’s cancel all e3 games again 👍

Xb1ps4131d ago

Wow.. n4g will forever be a Sony fanatic Haven.. everyone wants more exclusives so ms buys more studios... everyone thinks ms will no longer make consoles ms confirms that they will make more consoles and ppl here are still making it out to be a bad thing.. there is no winning with you ppl so why not just stay out of Xbox articles?

UCForce131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Oh really ? What if N4G run by Xbox fanatics instead PS fanatics ? Would you say the same thing ? I can tell you this, if Sony lose next generation of console gaming, MS would take their place as market leader. And N4G would be run over by Xbox Fanatics. N4G is like a conquest zone where every fanboys want to conquer. I can see that the cycle will repeat itself. My prediction is this : Sooner or later, MS will become arrogant and greedy again just like Sony was. What I trying to say this, it will happen again and you people going to feel like being backstabbed by Microsoft just like others companies did. MS can’t do nothing about their current gen console and these 5 studios are now focusing on the future.

Kokyu131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Everyone of you assume because he says console he means as you know it today he could be talking about a set top box they stream to. We have no idea what he means, second your all ignoring the other things he said at E3 and cherry picking pointing to one statement. He also said they where building the "best" streaming and cloud service in they can offer to allow you to stream console quality games to any device. Now that says to me everyone who pointed out MS is going to go all cloud best digital was in fsct correct. Just because they offer a box that says Xbox on it doesnt mean its a console it could just be a gateway to their streaming service.

UCForce131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

There is one unavoidable truth that every companies will never escape from it. It’s business and it’s War. Business is War and it won’t end. It will keep these companies fight each other for their production and their profits as well.

Gaming_1st131d ago


Unfortunately these are words that have been said before. Maybe you should face what MS really is instead of trying to defend. They focus on money and not gamers and have been like this since day one. 4 gens in and nothing changes. But all of the sudden this small steep and speech changes things.

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YEP414131d ago

Future is always here to talk about!!

Kokyu131d ago

It will be next gen before any of those studios they bought have xbone exclusives.

Septic131d ago

"That kinda thing can be handled on twitter, he needs to focus on current gen."

What do you mean? He was asked a question in the interview with Giant Bomb. Of course he's going to answer it.

343_Guilty_Spark131d ago

We are mid way through 2018. It’ll be over soon. It’s not too early to discuss with fans whats in store for the future. They’ve already promised backward and forward compatibility, demonstrating this with the current gen, so what is your issue?

angelsx131d ago

Next E3 big announcements- xbox two and ps5

angelsx131d ago

Xbox one gen is lost.All the new studios are focused in Xbox two and exclusives for it.

131d ago
mrmikew2018130d ago

Well the writing is on the wall that they're going to give up on the XBO sooner rather than later.

agnosticgamer130d ago

Not really... The X and the Pro... Were simply mid-gen refreshes... mainly to get games up to 1080p/4K 60 fps... You didn't think there was another Xbox in the works? Even Sony said PS4 is at the end of its life cycle what did the pro come out... maybe 10 or so months before the X? And it doesn't matter as much because all future Xbox consoles will be backward compatible to include the accessories...

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Kiwi66131d ago

So what happened to the theory that they weren't going to be making another xbox console, oh that's right it was just something thought up by some people

AngelicIceDiamond131d ago

The same ones who claimed Phil was all talk and will never change its first party problems.

PiNkFaIrYbOi131d ago

He still hasn't changed their first party problems, really. Yes they got new studios but that will only help out if they come out with good games consistently.

And they give them creative freedom to make the sort of games that the devs want and not what Microsoft wants really.

I hope that them getting the new studios will help them out make some good games, especially single player games as they need that but not too sure it is going to happen really. As they are making their move towards gaas very clear that they might even be going towards paas instead.

AngelicIceDiamond131d ago

All your concerns MS address at the conference, like literally.

Sunny_D131d ago

I mean it’s 2018. He WAS all talk until 5 years later when the gen has pretty much ended....

fiveby9130d ago

MS hasn't changed it's first party problems. How have they changed anything? Did they release games? Their track record is one not to be envied. XBox fans sure get excited over promises.

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Kokyu131d ago

Go back and watch E3 again and this time dont cherry pick one part of the statement and read the whole statement. They are moving all digital and all of you are assuming Phil wont get replaced or have his teams or ideas shut down.

Kiwi66131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I'm not talking about what he said though as I'm referring to those people on here who say that they are pulling out of the console space because they are losing to sony and that the Xbox One X was their last console, but seeing as you brought it up, he did say that they are going to make several versions of the next xbox consoles to release around 2020 and they will be BC compatible with other gen xboxes which would imply that one version would play physical copies

ImGumbyDammit131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Except Nadella likes him. Has placed gaming as one of pillars of Microsofts' future. Satya just promoted Phil to VP, moved his division out of Windows, fired the Windows boss that was blocking Xbox at every turn, placed Phil in the inner circle that determines future direction. I doubt Phil is going anywhere unless Phils want to go there.

And no they are not moving all digital. That statement is an example of why Phil had to come and reassure those worried about future Xboxes. Because people like you made similar broad statements continuously (like your digital comment) that the Xbox was dead. Microsoft was never making another,, etc... Their plans for the future are really no different than Sony's now. Both are working for a new console, both are working on improving (PSNow) or releasing a streaming service their own (Microsoft). Neither is going all digital for a very long time.

"assuming Phil won't get replaced or have his teams or ideas shut down. " I guess we can say the same thing about Kodera or any team at Sony. I would think with the failing of his baby of the all-digital service PSNow he is more likely to be let go than anything Phil has done to warrant it. But neither is going anywhere.

leeeroythe3rd131d ago

Every platform is moving all digital even Nintendo. Only a fool would believe that cartridge and disk will survive when 5g and fiber at all homes arrives. Steam started this migration and everyone will follow

dumahim131d ago

He said consoles, plural, so I'm guessing they'll have a base streaming box and then a normal console as well.

gangsta_red131d ago


Those people are quickly trying to come up with something else because the goal posts they have are constantly moving from one end of the field to the other.

j15reed131d ago

Exactly I guess they missed those exclusives coming next year, in which Sony doesn't have release dates for anything next year but I'm sure something will come out maybe.

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Richard92131d ago

We want just Nextgen Xbox [email protected]
We don't want graphics

Kokyu131d ago

Speak for yourself I dont really care what the frame rate is I want more detailed world that are highly visual not every plays just FPS.

Akarogg 130d ago

That made no sense