Ghost of Tsushima, Birth Of The Ninja As We Know It

We got our first taste of Ghost of Tsushima at Sony's Press Conference this E3 and it looks even more impressive than we hoped it would.

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Hardiman100d ago

This is why I'm a PlayStation fan! I love gaming and love the unrivaled quality Worldwide Studios put into their games!

PaulFiend100d ago

Absolutely, my friend, absolutely!

Gaming_1st100d ago

It looks really solid and i am very excited. But i just hope the story and combat is solid and......Yes i'm good.

Hardiman100d ago

It sounds as if SP are going all in on the story as evidenced by the Gameinformer interview. In fact the gameplay we saw at E3 was just a side quest.

Bathyj100d ago

I'm really hope it launches with photomode. If it's coming after launch I may even hold off just for it.

outsider1624100d ago

Ever since this gen started, i've always wondered what a Next gen Tenchu would be like. But alas, nothing from From Software.

Thankyou Sucker Punch for my Ninja fix.