Preview: Control is a stunning action game for fans of the SCP Foundation | GameCrate

Midway through the hands-off demo of Control that Remedy Entertainment is showing off behind closed doors at E3 2018 the protagonist, Jesse, travels down a large corridor, past rooms containing mysterious "Objects of Power" and items touched by "Altered World Events." Each room is a cell with a glass wall, with the object in question carefully locked away, labeled, and monitored.

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Kurisu187d ago

This game looks great, I'll definitely be checking it out.

jznrpg186d ago

Kurisu you’re alive!! Oh
No ! World War 3 !!! OT: Control was my favorite multiplat at E3 . Looked a lot better than Quantum Break

Kurisu186d ago

I think I'm missing something here haha

doggo84186d ago

loving the look of Control!