Todd Howard Says That He Knows the Release Date of Elder Scrolls VI

In a recent interview, Bethesda Director Todd Howard revealed that he knew the release date of The Elder Scrolls VI, although he wouldn't reveal it.

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porkChop159d ago

We know TES VI is many years away, as it's coming after Starfield which is clearly a next gen game. With next gen consoles launching somewhere around 2020, Starfield could come out in the first couple years. With that in mind, and considering he knows the release date this early, the release date is pretty obvious. The series' 30th anniversary will be on March 25, 2024. That's likely what they're working towards.

-Foxtrot159d ago

It's a shame thought we've missed an entire gen without a new Elder Scrolls game. I don't know why he could have gotten another team to do an ES Spin off game like they did with Fallout New Vegas.

porkChop159d ago

Yeah I would have been happy with a spinoff. Just something, instead of this long wait.

getbacktogaming159d ago

As much fun as Fallout 4 was I really feel like Bethesda didn't release a proper next gen open world on this generation of console... I don't mind if TES VI and Starfield are remastered or released simultaneously across PS4 and PS5 but I really want a proper TES on my PS4...

PlayableGamez-159d ago

For all we know Todd might say its coming out next year like he did with Fallout.

dumahim159d ago

Pretty sure he described Starfield as a look in to what they're working on for the next generation and that TES would be after that.

FTLmaster159d ago

One of my most anticipated games of E3, but it’s a long way off, for sure.

zivtheawesome159d ago

the game is still in pre production though which makes this statement really funny. i guess that he has a year expectation and that he also just expects a november release for that year. close enough for a date.

Kabaneri159d ago

I really wanted Starfield this year.....

TheOttomatic91159d ago

2030 (this is only a slight exaggeration)

Asuka159d ago

Haha sadly might not be that far off. I am setting myself up for a ~2025 release for ES6 give or take a year...

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The story is too old to be commented.