Fallout 76: Is Multiplayer the Right Direction for the Series?

Okay, Cool's Shoaib Alli writes, "Fallout 76 looks fun, but is this really what fans wanted from the franchise?"

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UltraNova100d ago

I think they know that. I hope they give solo players enough of the known Fallout experience as we know it to keep complaints at bay.

fiveby9100d ago

I have no problem with Bethesda trying something different and taking risks. Seeing as I have not played it yet I can't really feel justified in complaining. But till I see actual gameplay and play myself I will be cautiously optimistic. I'm sure Bethesda knew they'd upset some people. Most people are afraid of change. And of course, as it is not called FO5, I suspect they could still release a traditional SP only FO game in the future.

-Foxtrot100d ago (Edited 100d ago )


If they honestly want to give single player Fallout gamers their "Fallout experience" then they would have made an offline mode, a game off the servers so it's completely offline with NPC's around, VATS is like older games and able to pausing the game while searching through inventory.

They didn't....

darthv72100d ago

this is the Fallout version of ESO and that can stand on its own and does not infringe on Skyrim. They can make two games in the same universe that appeal to different gamers.

76 is for the MP and FO5 is for the SP. We can sort of already guess it will be coming out for next gen like 4 did for this one.

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mkis007100d ago

So dissapointed. Fallout without singleplayer sounds so barren. I was so interested in the new engine improvements too.

Still getting the power helmet edition...Have some friends who want it too so Ill give it chance.

Playing with griefers sounds so offputting though...sigh.

D3TH_D33LR100d ago

You’re so disappointed but you’re still going to drop $200 on it? Weird.

fiveby9100d ago

I found the NoClip documentary video on behind the scenes at BGS for FO76 pretty interesting. Maybe worth a watch.

mkis007100d ago

I want the collectors stuff.

Gaming_1st100d ago

All of my friends are upset over this, even though i do not buy Bethesda games. So i agree, just judging from their opinions.

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Antnee534100d ago

No its what ruined this game. Its a basoc generic shooter with tacted on multiplayer. The only reason the fallout name is attached to this is because they wouldnt have been able to sell this game otherwise.

fiveby9100d ago

I didn't realize you played the game already. Where?

Antnee534100d ago

Haha smartass, but its taking the series away from whats it good at .

fiveby9100d ago

I was just joking around. C'mon now. I am just not unhappy with the direction as I don't think they are abandoning the future release of FO5. I think FO76 is a creative risk but think it could be fun. I am willing to wait until I play the game to decide whether I like it or not.

shinoff2183100d ago

Not at all. There is a lot of disappointed people right now me being one of them. I really hope they have a change of heart and give us the opportunity to play offline

D3TH_D33LR100d ago

Private servers are a thing

fiveby9100d ago

That will not happen. My consoles are never offline. So being online has no significant impact for me. I guess many people don't have internet? That's surprising in this day and age.

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