Without Need for Reinvention, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Does the Only Thing It Can

It's hard to imagine Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the final entry in Nintendo's ridiculously popular fighting series, but it's also hard to imagine what else Nintendo could now do to better it. Without any need to reinvent itself, what else can Smash do but simply get bigger?

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DivineAssault 285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Its better than getting a plain old port of smash on wii u. Adding everyone & fixing the more useless super moves is cool. I really do want some type of story though. At least some nice cut scenes in between important battles.

AeroHayl283d ago

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of story mode, too. I'm sure that we won't be getting anything as extensive as Subspace Emissary, but some kind of minor story or quest-based gameplay would be really neat. I'm hoping that we'll get something like Smash Run, at the very least.