These Are the 10 Biggest 2018 E3 No-Shows

Another June, another E3. What game you were hoping to see at E3 this year failed to make an appearance?

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strayanalog4d ago

Twinfinite, why is it so hard to put your lists on one page or two?

Anyway, Splinter Cell. We need Sam Fisher.

ChrisW4d ago

We need to stop approving articles from sites like these!

oasdada4d ago

And they also missed rocksteady's next game presumably superman.. Who made this list?

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porkChop4d ago

With the Splinter Cell mission in Ghost Recon and the tease at the end of it, it seemed clear that the game would be announced at E3. It's got to be in development, so I don't know what happened.

DivineAssault 4d ago

I was hoping the updated trademark for Wario Land would lead to something this year. Bayo 3 & Metroid prime 4 not being there was disappointing. Despite all that, nintendo will still kill it this holiday season when smash comes out. Consoles, software, & amiibo will be hot.

Kun_ADR4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Many games were missing from E3 this year, especially during the big conferences. I was hoping to see games like Fable, SMTV, Bayonetta 3, and Metriod, but we got nothing on those.

Kindda make you wonder if E3 is gonna be like this from now on.

r3f1cul4d ago

everyones e3 this year felt like it was more of an investors call or stock holders recap than something meant to excite gamers O.o probably the most boring e3 ive ever seen honestly only a few games that even stood out in the slightest and a lot of very predictable shit along with a handful of pretty harsh let downs as well :/

porkChop4d ago

I don't think we'll see that until next gen. That's a game that could really benefit from more CPU power and RAM.

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