Daemon X Machina's First Nintendo Switch Gameplay Shows Sweet Armored Core-Like Action

Marvelous' Daemon X Machina gets the first Nintendo Switch gameplay showing why it can be considered Armored Core's spiritual successor.

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Asuka104d ago

This is pretty much everything I ever wanted in an AC game. The artstyle is great as well. Can't wait!

porkChop104d ago

Man this game looks awesome. This was the highlight of Nintendo's show for me. I know what to expect with Pokemon, and I've never really been a Smash guy. But this? Hell yeah.

Uken12103d ago

This was my Game of Show. Badass Mech Anime game, yes please!!!!
We need more of these games.

DivineAssault 103d ago

Thats always a good thing. The game with star fox as a guest is too im assuming.

CDbiggen103d ago

Makes me want to play XC X again.
This looks great.

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