Seagate announces external SDD for Xbox One

Seagate's new Game Drive for Xbox SSD boast as much as 2TB of external storage.

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DarkVoyager158d ago

And they cost nearly as much as the console. I’ll wait until prices drop significantly before I’d even consider a SSD.

mikeslemonade158d ago

It’s still gonna be slower than a ssd on the pc.

nitus10157d ago

Yes and no since the overall performance of an SSD is co-dependent on the bus it is connected to.

Basically, most standard SSD's have a read/write performance of 500MB/sec to about 480MB/sec and if you look at most modern PC's they have SATA 3 or better busses which have a throughput of 600Mb/sec. This is pretty much on par with what the PS4pro and the XB1x can handle. Unfortunately, the PS4 and XB1 (includes the "s" models) have a SATA 2 bus which has a 300MB/sec throughput. This would not be an issue with most standard hard disk drives which have a much lower performance.

All PS4's and XB1's have USB 3 which has a throughput of 640MB/sec so there would not be a bottleneck for a standard SSD.

Anyway, why bother with an SSD that is specifically made for the XB1 or even the PS4, just get a generic SSD and put it in a caddy then connect it to your console. Obviously, if you compare cost per GB then an SSD will be much more expensive than an HDD but if you want performance and don't care about the cost then an SSD is the way to go.

BTW. Some SSD's can have a performance of well over 1500MB/sec but they are more expensive so you get what you are willing to pay for,

fiveby9157d ago

@nitus10 I was thinking the same thing regarding why buy an XBox specific SSD? Why are drives marketed as such? One can buy nearly any external SSD. What is console specific about these devices they market?

I will say it would be nice if next gen the consoles have PCIe bus connectivity for storage. It would probably be very expensive though to have M.2 type storage for a console. But it sure would be fast.

DerekTweed157d ago

the 2TB version is 600USD, that's more than an Xbox One X

Prettygoodgamer158d ago

I was wandering what an sdd was ? "Seagate announces external SDD for Xbox One"

bluefox755157d ago

Large capacity SSDs are still too expensive, they have been steadily dropping in price though. I use a hybrid setup on my PC, running windows on a 128gb ssd. Totally worth it by the way, everything is just snappier.

nitus10157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I do agree with what you said since I do exactly the same with a 120GB SSD for my system disk and a 3.5" 3TB HDD for my application disk.

Unfortunately for a console you really need to consider a 500GB preferably a 1TB and above SSD which are so much more expensive than an HDD. Still, if you want performance and cost is not a factor then an SSD is the way to go.