Xbox's evolving first-party strategy

Chief marketing officer Mike Nichols explains Microsoft's "forward-leaning pivot" in how it has viewed its game studios this generation, and why it just added five more to the operation.

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SpaceRanger188d ago

They showed teasers with no gameplay, they back tracked previous statements and are living off of Halo/Gears/Forza, and they showed a bunch of third party stuff. I honestly don’t see how this differentiates this E3 from their previous ones?

“We don't have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality.”

So false advertising last year? And less gaming options for their fanbase. Not sure how people are ok with them backtracking on that too.

Septic188d ago

The reason why I think peoole are okay with them backtracking on VR is, watching the VR space right now, few people actually give a shit.

I still believe in VR and mad props to Sony for trying, but to me that stuff is obviously at its infancy. I don't see a compelling reason to jump in and no one hardly talks about it and no clear killer apps exist for it.

As for E3, well MS smashed it even in terms of the quality of those usual 3 titles. The halo engine looks mad impressive, Forza looks even more impressive and best in class by miles and Gears looks especially great.

Then of course you have the 5 studios and whatnot. It was a great E3 for me.

SpaceRanger188d ago

“I don't see a compelling reason to jump in and no one hardly talks about it and no clear killer apps exist for it.“

That’s why Sony is in the place it’s in now with leading 1st party in quality and quantity. Many studios being supported by the current fanbase now on PC and/or PSVR will make bigger and better games next gen...some exclusive obviously.

And we all only saw gameplay for Forza, which was really cool, but that’s literally it. Can’t play announcements or engine rendered cutscenes. But I guess that’s the cup of tea MS knows it’s fanbase would enjoy at E3. To each their own.

SpaceRanger188d ago

And with PSVR, Oculus and more being so successful in their “infancy”, I’d say plenty of people give a shit.

DivineAssault 188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Ok i agree that VR might not have enough interest for another company to risk diving in. However "smashing it in terms of quality of those usual 3 titles"???? How bro? Seriously they didnt show ANY gameplay of Halo or Gears at all. Halo might not even be a FPS for all we know. Its not Halo 6 so we dont know whats going on with that. Just a trailer. Gears is likely using the same engine as part 4 so why wasnt there any gameplay of that either? I dont understand how you can think they killed it. As far as acquiring Ninja Theory, thats up in the air for most people because of what MS did to Rare. The other studios they bought were mostly 2md party to them anyway. I dont see it but if thats exciting i guess man.

rainslacker187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

So, MS only cares if it means they can make money? Let others lead the way, MS can jump in later?

You're comment may come off as credible, but didn't they also falsely advertise Halolens for Minecraft the year before that? You detract from VR that Sony was releasing, that people were excited for?

MS didn't pull out because of lack of interest, it's because they knew they wouldn't sell enough consoles to support third party hardware.

Before MS pulled the plug on 3rd party VR support, I recall how many people were so hyped for the much better hardware, and Sony's hardware was pre-school in comparison. But now it's all about how VR is not that desired....yet more big developers are making VR games. More people are buying VR. There are tons of games available on VR, and they aren't just demo experiences anymore.

Forza on the X1X, with VR, would be awesome. Driving in VR is a whole new experience. But I guess not enough people want that.

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188d ago
DivineAssault 188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I didnt see jack $h*t that made me interested in xbox. At least for this generation. They FN announced that theyre working on a new console(s). Why would i get xb1x or anything knowing that when nothing is even ready for a gameplay reveal? It was a fantastic presentation & great games by other companies. Thats not anything to be happy about in my eyes. 2.5D battle toads had a damn title screen & release date yet nothing with the engine or concept art or whatever for a game like that? They arent fooling me with promises ever again. If anyone really believes 343 are the right people for Halo after all this, fine. More power to you. I dont see anything about evolving 1st party at all. Ninja Theory is their best team they bought. The rest were already close partners with lackluster resumes

FallenAngel1984188d ago

So much for fanboys thinking that Microsoft was allegedly giving up on the Xbox brand