Why Ghost Of Tsushima Is A Bold New Direction For The Creators Of Infamous | GI

Ghost of Tsushima is incredibly grounded, but that seems to be to the game’s benefit.

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Hardiman184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I'm so impressed with how this game looks! There is so much going on in the background and the combat looks great! I really like how it incorporates real fighting techniques and not just hack and slash. The art direction is out of this world and really is on another level from what Second Son was(and it looked great)

Also learning the gameplay shown at E3 was only a side quest is quite impressive! This is the title that catapults SP up there with ND and Santa Monica Studio!

porkChop184d ago

Yeah the game looks like it'll be great. Sucker Punch always had the talent, they just needed the right IP to propel themselves to the forefront.

I really loved Infamous, and I hope we get another one eventually, but I always felt they could do better.

DVAcme184d ago

Not to mention one thing about the game's look: THE COLORS. Even amid the browns, grays and blacks of the battlefield you see lots of green and splashes of red. AND THAT SUNSET.

SuperSonic91184d ago

SP used them grey colors to great effect with the other colors.

Hardiman184d ago

The color palette is breathtaking and is one of my favorite aspects of the game!

Rimeskeem184d ago

I like the idea of slower, methodical combat. It reminds me of GoW on hard difficulty where you had to time everything etc. This looks like a real samurai game imo.

SuperSonic91184d ago

Good comment!
Actually I see this kind of grounded gameplay suits GOT perfectly than GOW!

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Vandamme21184d ago

I was really blown away by seeing this game.

Smokehouse184d ago

Was so happy that it’s realistic and not fantasy. It’s walking through a Kurosawa movie with the art style and colors of Japanese paintings.

It looks sick I’m just really curious to see how the combat works. The dev said that Square was the sword button so it’s not like the new GOW or AC.

EverydayJoe184d ago

I believe a fantasy/supernatural element will be involved in the game. At least I remember hearing that from the developers at PSX 2017 panel.

Smokehouse184d ago

I don’t think so, I heard the opposite today. If there is a supernatural element it will be minor like slowing time to represent quickness. They said they were going for realism. Not 100% historically accurate but their version of a real event in history.

Everything is the gameplay so far is grounded and plausible. The only thing that was exaggerated was throwing out the grappling hook mid jump but even that is possible with a skilled person.

EverydayJoe184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I listened to the panel today, and yes they are going for realism. But the main character becomes the Ghost Of Tsushima... the Ghost = Fantasy/supernatural

AlphaCentyros184d ago


Just because they call him a ghost does not mean he will literally transform into a ghost. He is gonna become this legend that the Mongols just can't seem to kill or find, and they will start to fear him, hence the name 'ghost'.

I think they will be incorporating some ninjutsu, but probably as realistically as possible.

EverydayJoe184d ago

I listened to the panel today, and yes they are going for realism. But the main character becomes the Ghost Of Tsushima... the Ghost = Fantasy/supernatural

Smokehouse184d ago

I’m with alpha, I think ghost is referring to ninja guerilla tactics. Like for example again the dev says the grappling hook isn’t a traditional samurai tool, he has to adapt to even the odds.

If you are referring to the smoke effect that is around him in the first trailer, I don’t think that’s a power I think that was just a visual representation of him changing from a samurai to an assassin for the trailer.

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