Hideo Kojima Talks About Death Stranding's Gameplay Trailer, Actors, Characters, and More

Hideo Kojima talks more about Death Stranding's trailer, alongside Guerrilla Games' Managing Director Hermen Hulst.

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chrisx62d ago

hope we get the action gameplay trailer sometime during other PS events this year. really anticipating this baby

DivineAssault 62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I want to see the action too but it might not be ready for show yet. They found an engine to use, got the story down, actors, script, design, dev team, etc in a very short period of time. Sony barely got Kojima after MGS5. I think the game needs to cook a little longer before Kojima shows the world his work. The cryptic trailers are really cool at least.

Rude-ro62d ago

I kind of want it left to the mysterious level it is at,
It will be a different type game... and I would to experience it as such instead of seeing everything.
But to each their own. I know my point of view would not help sell the game.

ravinash61d ago

Don't be surprised if you reach the end of the game and have more questions than you started. (I mean that in a good way).

WorldGamer62d ago

This is interesting. I appreciate when developers try new things, video games have so much untapped potential for storytelling and theme exploration. Can't wait to get more information about this masterpiece in the making.