Telltale Is Working On A Stranger Things Game

What mysteries will be uncovered in the Upside Down?

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chrisx157d ago

tell me they got a new engine

dumahim157d ago

The graphics for Walking Dead Final Season look to have been upgraded. Not sure how it runs though.

-Foxtrot157d ago

Telltale are taking a highly successful show with an already huge, cult fanbase and are going to do a game on, gee whiz and shiver my timbers /s

Seriously though it's all they do these days, they do it because they know most sales are guaranteed based on the franchises name alone. At the end of the day it will be the same old point and click game, with a typical story on the same outdated engine. Back to the Future, Batman, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Borderlands, Minecraft even the Wolf Among Us which had a cult following before it.

Say what you want about David Cage and Quantic Dream but at least they push the genre forward yet most of the time they are shit on while TT gets a free pass.

Thatguy-310157d ago

Say it louder for the haters in the back!

kneon157d ago

I tried to play the Walking Dead and GoT TT games and quit after about 30 minutes. They are just too boring.

Lighter9157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Upvoted on the first paragraph alone.

I actually lol'd too.

mgszelda1157d ago

They just won't die. Their games are just as bad as assassin's creed annual releases

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Blu3_Berry157d ago

Not gonna lie, while I do enjoy the Telltale games, I am starting to get a little burnt out on them. I may probably just play The Walking Dead Final Season, Wolf Among Us 2, and if Batman & Borderlands ever get another telltale season. Otherwise I think I'm going to start slowing down on them.

They're enjoyable but I feel like they are relying too much on established IPs and half of them are ones that I feel don't need a Telltale series. I don't care for telltale series like Minecraft, Guardians of the Galaxy or Game of Thrones and as much as I love the show Stranger Things, I'm not interested in a Telltale Stranger Things game.

CorndogBurglar157d ago

Well as long as you're only going to play 4 more....

dumahim157d ago

Sounds like a Telltale Borderlands sequel won't be happening.

chris235157d ago

another one? lol. these dudes must feel so lucky putting every franchise there is into their very very very stale and boring klicker engine. and people are buying because their favourite logo shows up. if i only knew that it was that easy to pull money out of nothing.

bluefox755157d ago

Meh, the only thing I really want from Telltale is Tales From the Borderlands season 2. Unlikely to ever happen though.

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