Valkyria Chronicles 4 Will Get a Downloadable Demo in the West

If you want to try Valkyria Chronicles 4 out before it launches in the west, a demo in English will be made available down the line.

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Relientk7766d ago

Awesome, love that at least some companies still give us demos to try.

jerethdagryphon66d ago

Uh i just want the game i dont need a demo.

Servbot4166d ago

Too bad the game has possibly the worst release date possible. Gonna get it myself, but I can see a lot of people giving it a pass cuz of Red Dead.

ZeekQuattro66d ago

Which sucks because it bombed in Japan. It cant really afford slip ups.

ZeekQuattro66d ago

Like that Sega is all about demos lately.

4blender66d ago

warning! this game is turn based rpg, no download