Here is your first look at Remedy's Control, 8 minutes of gameplay footage

505 Games and Remedy announced a new third-person supernatural action-adventure game, called Control, and below you can find a video showing 8 minutes of gameplay footage from its E3 2018 build.

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Lynx02074d ago

Maybe, but it could be another Quantum Break...

EDKICK4d ago

@Lynx0207 Yes, he did say it's gonna be awesome which QB was.

Lynx02074d ago

It is good to know. I didn't play it because of the reviews. According to them it was just average.

EDKICK3d ago

Pick it up if you get a chance. Fun combat, good story, and overall just a good game. I really don't think it got a fair shake when it came out. It's another example this gen of a pre-release narrative tainting people's opinion going forward.

Lynx02073d ago

Nice, I will. If QB is a good tpp game with an interesting story, I need nothing more. Is it nesesary to watch tv show before? After? During gameplay? Is it worth the time, too?

EDKICK2d ago

You download the show before playing the game then it plays in between chapters. It's not 100% necessary but I enjoyed the story so unlike a lot of people I didn't mind the TV parts.

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Septic4d ago

Psi Ops reborn. This is how Quantum Break should have played

GaboonViper4d ago

Its great to see someone who remembers that underrated gem, PSI-OPs was beast for its time.

Zachmo1824d ago

PSI-OPs was really good. I'm sad we never seen seque to one of my favorite games of that generation

UltraNova4d ago

One of the best games of its generation, no doubt. I'd love to play a sequel.

Ninja_Ryu4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Miss opportunity for Microsoft to buy this studio. Now Quantum break I mean control is now multiplatform lmao

Tapani4d ago

It’s not so easy. Remedy is a publicly traded company now, and has just IPO’d. The owners are not going to sell it immediately after...

UltraNova4d ago

Remedy is now...out of MS's control...

Hardiman4d ago

I loved the Mindgate Conspiracy!

EDKICK3d ago

From what we've seen it looks quite a bit like how QB played.

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SpaceRanger4d ago

The gameplay mechanics look interesting. Hoping the story is much better than Quantum Break.

coolbeans4d ago

Surpassing a good story is no easy feat, but I'm sure Remedy could pull it off.

Relientk774d ago

The powers look really cool, can't wait to try them.

masterfox4d ago

This game as it is now looks insane and looks fun as hell, those physics add alot to the gameplay, I hope it doesn't get any downgrades later on.

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