PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Gets New Gameplay Showing Hundreds of Enemies; Runs at "Solid" 30 FPS

Days Gone gets new gameplay running on PS4 Pro, in which you can enjoy watching the player eaten alive by freakers, over and over.

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ArchangelMike183d ago

Sid is absolutely terrible at this game. It's so obvious that he's just not a gamer. Even the devs where trying to give him hints, but he just kept butchering the whole thing.

Ashlen183d ago

That's embarrassing.

"where's the R2 button?"

getbacktogaming182d ago

Omg I am gonna suck at this lollll :/ casual gamer here

DarkVoyager183d ago

Please never let this guy play games ever again in front of the camera. This had to be to most cringeworthy gameplay video I’ve seen.

UCForce183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Yeah, I think PlayStation going to have some questions with his career. Even PlayStation Acces play better than him. I feel bad for these developers to let this guy play their game.

EverydayJoe183d ago

Absolutely shameful. No thought process at all for attacking 250 strong. I agree whole heartedly with all comments above

TallonIV183d ago

The demo itself was terrible.

ArchangelMike183d ago

Not true. It was marred by the guy behind the controller. For goodness sakes at one point he just turns and starts running in the opposite direction until the devs have to tell him - "erhm.. the enemies are the other way."
In other words, the demo is supposed to be showcasing the players engagement with the zombie horde, and Sid was failing to even ride the motorbike, let alone use the massive machine gun strapped to his back - which he was obviously supposed to showcase. He instead selects the melee weapon, even when the devs say to him - "urhm... bad idea to use the melee weapon on the horde, you'll get killed."
Sony Bend need to get someone who's at least familiar with the layout of the Playstation controller to demo their games live, that was just appalling.

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nucky64183d ago

watching these fools play, i think dualshockers have lost ALL credibility.

StormSnooper183d ago

I actually like their articles. They are informative. But I agree that if you review games, you should know where the buttons are lol

TheTony316183d ago

It's not Dualshockers playing the game. They only published the article.

nucky64183d ago

why would they publish an article like this, then? it's a terrible video- those 2 people don't know the first thing about games which leads to a really bad gameplay video.

Brave_Losers_Unite183d ago

Smh, video nothing to do with dualshockers

StormSnooper183d ago

This is one of my most anticipated titles.

OffRoadKing183d ago

Wow talk about handing the controller to the most inept doofus they could find.

salmonade183d ago

Sid should get fired after this. Fake ass gamer. I'll never listen to guy ever again.

ArchangelMike183d ago

Unfortunately that was my sentiment. The guy obviously doesn't even know the layout of a Playstation controller, heck Sid if you don't know where the "R2" button is by now, then maybe it's time to get another job, because you obviously don't know the first thing about the Playstation.

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The story is too old to be commented.