Portable PC gaming console Smach Z shown off at E3 2018

During E3 2018, Smach Team showed off the Smach Z with a new trailer and information.

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ccgr159d ago

Nice but I'm happy with my GPD Win 2

StonieWylder159d ago

How many times had this been shown off and ended up delayed or reported not happening? And $800? I think I'll stick to something else like the gpd win or the switch.

frostlatch159d ago

Looks heavy as hell. How many of these handhelds have made promises only to go bankrupt and steal everyones money?

JasmineSwift159d ago

Do you think it can run MHW when the PC version is released?

Vits159d ago

If it's released with exactly the hardware they're promising. Then virtually any AAA should run on it, including MHW.

159d ago
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