5 Xbox One Announcements That Make It a Must Own in 2019

Microsoft's E3 2018 conference was chock-full of surprises and announcements. Here are five we think have made the Xbox One a must own in 2019.

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FallenAngel1984181d ago

But what announcement makes Xbox One a must own this year?

MoonConquistador180d ago

None that are listed in this article anyway.

xfiles2099180d ago

None they listed makes it a Must own for me if anything it has distanced me further Still waiting on that slew of Games to release and make me finally pick up a Xbone this Gen

SmielmaN180d ago

Yeah I think I’m still great without an XBO... going to get my sons a Switch though for Christmas :)

corroios180d ago

Lol. of that 5, only gears is a must own. Halo wont be out at 2019 not even close. maybe even at 2020, after that short movie teaser... Crackdown must have? Game pass must have? new studios? None of those are for 2019 except CR3.

That's one the biggest problems of Microsoft for 2019 after E3. They didn't show any new exclusive game for 2019. Maybe Fable and For sure another Forza are in the pipes, but beside those.

HeisenbergX180d ago

Yeahh i really laughed at this poor list 😂

DigitalRaptor180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

- Halo didn't even get a date or gameplay.
- Gears 5 looks good.
- Crackdown 3 looks wack.
- Game Pass speed isn't a system seller.
- 2/5 studios were already making exclusive games for Xbox, and the rest won't have games to deliver until next-gen.

So why is this article about 2019? "Must have" because of promises? They didn't even mention a fabulous looking game like Ori 2. Bad article.

Razzer180d ago

Only two reasons in that list are feasible for 2019. CD 3 and Game Pass. The others are not going to be relevant until 2020 at the earliest.

knickstr180d ago

Halo is not coming until next gen, crackdown 3 looks to be a terrible mess, and the new studios probably wont have a new game out until next gen consoles. So those aren't reasons for a 2019 must have. Sounds like you should make the argument for next gen xbox.

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