Is Doc Ock in Spider-Man PS4?

The latest trailer for Spider-Man on PS4 teases the Sinister Six but who is their last member?

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ziggurcat9d ago

That was who I thought it was at the end of the gameplay footage on Monday.

9d ago
ZombieKiller9d ago

I think it might be Mysterio

Gamist2dot09d ago

I think the last member is Green Goblin because of the bright light reflecting off of Spiderman's face. Hearing the mini rocket engines inching close can only point to Green Goblin.

Hardiman9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yeah since Osborn is running for mayor and like you said the engine and lights seem to indicate the glider. Also with Spidey saying "you" makes me think otd have to be someone he and we have seen before in this game world.