PlayStation isn’t just being non-inclusive, it’s being disruptive with Fortnite

If you have been monitoring any portion of E3 this week, you already know that Fortnite came to the Nintendo Switch. Now, as you may already know, Fortnite is literally the most popular game in the world and most players have already been playing on their PlayStations, Xboxes, PCs, and iPhones.

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Neonridr5d ago

good.. I hope enough people keep this up. Sony needs to understand that it's not their right to take over something that doesn't belong to them. don't tell me it's in the rules of the PSN, blah blah blah. They are the first company to ever lock an account that has been linked to them before. They are setting a precedent that isn't ok. If it was MS doing this the amount of flak on this site would cause it to crash.

MuddyWaters4d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a lawsuit. It would be like me using my GMAIL account and then buying a Windows 10 PC and not being able to read my e-mail messages.

PapaBop4d ago

Honestly, Sony shouldn't block people with linked PSN accounts from accessing it on a different platform and I hope that changes BUT expecting crossplay from them is stupid. They'd gain very little while their competitors would directly benefit from their hardware sales success.

neutralgamer19924d ago (Edited 4d ago )


bro buy another console and enjoy don't need to hate on ps4. To much hating going on chill enjoy the game on another platform that suits to your needs


not unless we signed some sort of an agreement to where sony isn't responsible it's not like any of us actually read those user agreements

crazyCoconuts4d ago

Not defending Sony, but we don't see the whole picture as a consumer. The policy probably isn't new, it's just app coded for the restrictions. Use the destiny or battlefield app on your phone, and it supports multiple characters for multiple platforms linked to a single EA/Bungie account. Maybe Epic didn't support that functionality and Sony wasn't willing to change their policy (for $ reasons that I commented on elsewhere), and Epic is playing political hard ball with them now by blaming them for their own simplistic design

Neonridr4d ago

@neutralgamer1992 - I own a gaming PC, PS4 (Pro) and Switch. I support multiple hardware, I am not tied to any one platform. But the fact that I wouldn't be able to use my Epic account because I linked it to my PSN is ridiculous. Again, if Sony wants to block crossplay, then fine. But don't lock my Epic account to that hardware, Sony doesn't even own that account.

fr0sty4d ago

Making enough noise about it is the only thing that will make them cave on it.

r2oB4d ago

I have linked my battlefield account with my PS3/Xbox 360 with Battlefield 3 and with my PS4/Xbox One for Battlefield 4 with no issues. I could see my stats for each game/console perfectly fine. Not sure how that 3rd party account works fine with PS4 and other platforms, but Fortnite doesn't. The blame might not be completely on Sony (or it may, who knows) because they allow linked accounts with other consoles for other games. The statement makes it seem like the issue stems from the lack of cross play, but Battlefield doesn't allow cross play and the account link works fine.

Razzer4d ago


Sorry, but your experience is irrelevant because it doesn't mesh with the overall agenda on some on this site.

nowitzki20044d ago

You guys are dumb. Sony doesnt need to play along with anyone.

No Way4d ago

PapaBop - How exactly does cross play affect the other platforms positively?

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Kribwalker5d ago

easy solution. Otherwise it’s gonna keep happening when the next big game comes out crossplay, and the next one after that and so on and so on

Eonjay4d ago

I really don't care about including Xbox and Switch gamers with PlayStation gamers. There will never be a time where Xbox + PC + Switch + Mobile > PS4 + PC + Mobile. If you want to be a part of the biggest community, you will play it on mobile or PC or PS4.

If you insist on playing on a different console, you will have the smallest base: this time, and the next one and after that and so on and so on. It is not Sony's responsibility to cater to other consoles. It is not Apple's responsibilty to cater to Android users. You do not get a place at the table simply by existing.

russo1214d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I am an PS4 owner and I don't need xplay. With the big amount of friends Xbox fanboys have why the need of xplay with Sony or Nintendo system's ?
I personally don't see an advantage to Sony players with xplay. Sony is doing the right things to protect their own customers, if you have any doubt just check their numbers.
With all the crap about Ms network being superior, how is possible fanboys want to be connected to an "inferior network, full of bugs" or whatever reason you can find in your imagination and nonsense?
Sony is doing the right move.

Or the problem is not xplay?

No Way4d ago

Russo - The more players, for a game, the better. Don't twist it into some stupid fanboy war.

Crossplay benefits the gamers; not the companies.

NotoriousWhiz4d ago

@Eonjay, false. If you want to play with the biggest community, you will play it on mobile or PC, as they can play with anyone.

salmonade4d ago

Why are you pretending to actually care. I know the truth... it's you're absolutely full of crap.

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Rude-ro4d ago

And I’ll cooy and paste my agenda as well since the gaming media seems rather coridinated with this message

The ps4 has 40-ish titles that offer crossplay with other competitors ie steam and Mac...
Microsoft offers about 17 with outside competitors... ie steam, Mac switch
Keep at it gaming press!!!
Sony is evil to their fans.

jojo3194d ago

This has NOTHING to do with crossplay.

Neonridr4d ago

you guys are so thick. What part of this doesn't have to do with crossplay do you not understand? Nobody cares that you can't play with PS4 owners if you own an Xbox or Switch. It has everything to do with the Epic account.

starchild4d ago

Jeez, do you not get it? This has nothing to do with the Playstation vs Xbox imaginary console war bullcrap that many of you are so caught up in. This is a question as to what's right.

Rude-ro4d ago

It is crossplay games.
Has everything to do with ut

Sirk7x4d ago

Most people aren't getting upset over the crossplay, they're getting upset over the fact that on every other platform, your Epic ACCOUNT is your account regardless of that platform. You can access that same account on PC, Mobile, Xbox, Switch. Some people have spent alot of money on this game. Now, if you decided to link an account to your PS4, you can no longer use that account on any other device. This obviously isn't what Epic intended. Sony has the right to refuse crossplay all day, but don't try to control a person's account that is handled by a third party company.

Septic4d ago

Are you daft? It's a third party account that Sony is holding to ransom. Why??

I'm just seeing people on this site act like utter corporate shills. Pathetic.

Rude-ro4d ago

Oh.. I get it...
You all have dug through everything with a fine tooth comb and came up with one instance to “be angry” on a free to play game.
All within 24hrs..
I’m sorry if I confused the last years agenda and the many articles recently digging in about who is cross playing with who.
Glad this one instance has finally boiled the pot.
Let’s grab our pitch forks!!
I love how, out of the lifetime of gaming.. carrying your progress over from one console to another FINALLY MATTERS!!!
Nope. No agenda here.

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SierraGuy4d ago

Ah shut up retarded Xbox Nintendo cry bought the wrong box now live with it and come to your senses. Waaaaaa!

jojo3194d ago

Wait, so now there are "right" and "wrong" consoles? Interesting.....

Sirk7x4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

As a PC, Xbox and Switch owner, I have no reason to be upset over this. Nor do I even particularly enjoy the game. I don't think you get it though. It's not the crossplay that people are getting upset about. It's a plus to have, but it isn't necessary. People are upset that if you link your Epic account to PS4, you can no longer use that account to play on the other devices. One, it's anti-consumer, as Sony doesn't own those accounts, and two, it's anti-developer, as obviously Epic wants people to be able to use their accounts across platforms, as it's literally possible on EVERY OTHER DEVICE. It's disrupting their vision of how they want the game to be. Yeah, I get it, Sony is God here, and it's a great console, and they usually provide good value to their customers, but you gotta speak up when they pull crap like that.

DJK1NG_Gaming4d ago

Seriously you Sony fanboys are some the most immature people on this planets

RumHam4d ago

If you only have one platform this isn’t an issue. What is so hard to understand? Gamers that have this issue are experiencing it because the HAVE a PS4!

SierraGuy4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

You guys are right this is Epic's problem though and if it is Sony which had it in the fine print when signing Fortnite again it's Epic games' oversight...or they just didn't care and agreed.

Imagine they didn't agree and Fortnite never appeared on PS4 because of it? That may have been a possibility. Why Sony's legal dept would do such a thing is beyond me...if that's how it happened.

Really though if you truly love Fortnite you'll just make a second profile. Which sucks I know.

There's no denying that at their core Sony and Microsoft absolutely hate each other.

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gangsta_red4d ago

Ugh, Microsoft is really pushing this PR propaganda to make Sony look bad right guys?

We all know Sony does crossplay with PC!

ImGumbyDammit4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Man, I never knew PSFanboys were such dullards. Maybe if I yell it. THIS MATTER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONSOLE CROSS-PLAY!!!!

Nope... They still don't get it.

jojo3194d ago


This isn't about crossplay. It's about Basically losing all of your hours of playing, just because you want to play on Switch.

ziggurcat4d ago

Does the same thing occur if you go from PS4 to Xbox with your Epic account?

Vizigoth044d ago

Yeah man this is like the third one I think. Why is it such a bother? And also around God of War's release they had to pop up again like a wack a mole. I mean if Sony eventually decides to do it they'll do it on their own terms. Heck their next PlayStation update can come with both it and the Long awaited request of being able to change your Network ID. Sony's statement about it was to be able to protect users. Since then they've implemented the parental tools to build child accounts and applicable features. So now that that part is done, the cross play portion could be coming next.

SenorFartCushion4d ago

Haha. It's a corporation, you freak.

They don't know who you are.

SierraGuy4d ago

This is epic's problem...allow users to transfer their account progress to another platform...easy. No cross play required.

Silly gameAr4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It's almost like they're trying to cause an uproar and make it seem like people are more outraged by this than they really are, right?

I'm not defending what Sony is doing. Just saying all of these articles coming at pretty much the same time seems suspicious, and the people that are barking the loudest about it have a history of not being on good terms with anything Sony or PlayStation related. You would think that the people that game primary on the ps4 would be the most upset, but I'm just not seeing that.

Septic4d ago

"Just saying all of these articles coming at pretty much the same time seems suspicious"

What? Fortnite for Nintendo Switch JUST came out yesterday. Obviously they discovered the problem now.

"You would think that the people that game primary on the ps4 would be the most upset, but I'm just not seeing that."

You're not seeing that bevause you're just reading comments on N4G which has a community that so strongly shills Sony it's ridiculous and the comments in these threads are proof.

So I played this on PS4. I bought content on the same account on PC. I now can't use my account on the Switch. Why is a THIRD party account locked off by Sony ?

Why come up with silly conspiracy theories in the first place?

Uken124d ago

The reason it is a big deal because FN is f2p and relies on microtransactions. Which are all cosmetic. So now I can't use my outfits or add to my progress because of some problem with PS4 not allowing us to link it. But it can with PC and mobile just not Nintendo and MS. It doesn't seem like it is Epic doing this. Sony is blocking it for console dominance.

I'm ok with not allowing cross play, makes sense. But this is downright a scam and all the fools defending Sony are moronic. The same butthurt people who threw a fit about anything that isn't Sony. The same people who will ruin the score of another platforms stellar games on Metacritic.

Sony Master Race.

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Reaprr5d ago

lol with enough pressure
They might fold

Septic4d ago

Yes? Only corporate shills defend this.

Goldby4d ago

and only sheep jump on the band wagon and believe these annoying articles are actually going to do anything.

Why was there no issue before with people not being able to use their product between ps4 and say... xbox.. why no hate and anger there?

Neonridr4d ago

@Goldby - remember when Microsoft wanted an always online console. Remember the backlash from the gamers and journalists? What happened, did MS stand their ground? No, they realized it was a dumb decision because of all the flak they faced. And they changed their minds. I really hope Sony at least allows people to use their original accounts. I don't care if they don't want to support crossplay, but this is taking it to a whole new level. The fact that it's ok around here is very scary.

Sunny_D4d ago

Yeah, I could understand the whole cross play. But, an entire account that I might have spent money on? That’s terrible to do. And I don’t even play Fortnite.

Goldby4d ago

@Neon but it isn't

sony back epic for cross progression, for fortnite and paragon (RIP) xbox didnt. for all we know, Nintendo said no to it as well when they were in discussion with epic.

we dont have all the answers so we cant soley put the blame on one party.

also, there was no huge issue when xbox couldnt do cross progression, so why would the platform with less players all of a sudden have more traction for this..

ahh yes, the wagon of hate is heading into town.

Neonridr4d ago

@Goldby - the fact that you still think this is about crossplay is sad...

Saigon4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


So you are going to say last generation when MS wouldn't do was okay? But now that Sony is once again leading the console race, it only makes sense to go that direction? Is that your stance? The reason I ask is because people seem to forget, MS started this trend. Sony want to play nicely last generation and MS said no and everyone was okay with that. So now that the shoe is on the other foot...Sony is the problem?

Goldby4d ago


Read my last comment again, I didn't mention crossplay at all. I was saying cross progression which is what people are getting their blood boiled over.

Again, sony backed epic for cross progression between ps4 and pc for fortnite and paragon. Anything you do on one is carried over to the other platform. Ms said no, hence why there was no cross progression between pc and xbox.

So again, I don't understand why it's gaining traction now, it has been known that only playstation had the cross progression when the game launched

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UCForce5d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I’m not defending Sony here. But I can tell you two thing. If Sony open the cross platform right away, MS will steal Sony hardware numbers and they will say that Xbox One have sold about 100.000.000 million units. Oh, trust me. MS would do everything to get that sweet money from Sony. It’s called marketing tactics. Second is that Multiple publishers launch game services on console and they lock their games to their service. That means if you want to play all these games you’ll be forced to subscribe to each and everyone of them. That’s no longer a choice. You don’t need PS Plus to play Free to play games and MS make you have to buy Xbox live to play Free to Play games. As for cross play, PS4 crossplay with PC, mobile and android. Sure, i’ve been hypocrites here, but you never know what going to happen next.

MuddyWaters4d ago

Will you just stop it with the Xbox nonsense. This issue came out now that Fortnite is on Switch. My God you guys always want to make everything about Xbox.

You buy your items on the PC and play for hundreds of hours, then decide you want to play on Switch. No problem, your Epic account carries forward. Same thing if you play on Mobile or Xbox. Sony somehow thinks your Epic account belongs to them because once you play on PSN you can no longer use it on Xbox or Switch.

It's nonsense and you start off by saying you are not defending them and go on a tangent about how many Xbox systems have sold? Talk about embarrassing.

UCForce4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@MuddyWaters cross platform is good for consumers and I won’t argue with that. But for business stand point, it’s different.

Neonridr4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

this has nothing to do with crossplay. I don't care if Sony doesn't want to let PS4 players play with Xbox / Switch users. The fact that so many people here are missing the point is mind-blowing. Sony has now taken your Epic account and locked it out from other console versions. If you had purchased or earned anything on your previous account it would now be useless for your Switch / Xbox version. Sony has basically said, once you use your account with us we will prevent you from using it on any other console.

People say this is Epic's fault, but how come XBLive didn't have the same restrictions for Fortnite on their console? This is squarely on Sony here. The error image that pops up even confirms this.

Stop defending a practice that is not ok. I can't even imagine if Nintendo / MS had done this. This site would have exploded with criticism. But it's Sony, so it's ok.

UCForce4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@Neonridr Really ? You and I maybe don’t care about these companies of course, but I have seen this business model before and every companies will do everything to take it. And you know what is called ? War. Business is War and it won’t end.

Goldby4d ago


Sony backed epic for cross progression when Fortnite was originally released. Xbox said no to it. Hence why before the BR mode even came out it was only ps4 and pc that had cross progression. so thsi isnt all on sony.

gangsta_red4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


Absolutely everything you said is bat shit insane and I refuse to believe that even you think that everything you just typed you is true.

I can't even begin to break down every thing wrong with this comment in relation to what this article is actually talking about.

This ha nothing to do with crossplay, nothing to do with MS stealing numbers, nothing to do with publishers launching services to lock their games and has nothing to do with PS4 and PC crossplay.

Why you guys keep bringing up these points when it's not even the subject has reached ludicrous speed.

Kribwalker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It has nothing to do with crossplay and everything to do with Sony holding accounts hostage. If you have played on a PS4 you can’t transfer your EPIC account. You would lose all the money you spent if you wanted to play elsewhere, meanwhile every other platform allows this. Just Sony doesn’t. That’s extremely anti-consumer and people are only just starting to get upset about it. One of the biggest PS4 Fans out there in the media is talking about moving everything off his PS4 and a lot of people are agreeing with him

It’s a far cry from E3 2013 where they got up on stage and showed how to share games. If only there was a self appointed champion of the little man who has sworn to do battle against evil corporations to stick up for us

Spurg4d ago turned a Sony and Nintendo issue and spun it into bashing Microsoft. How can anyone take you seriously???
Your mind is just filled with white and you can't even think straight...this issue we have here is one of the most anti consumer issues i've by a gaming company. They have basically every psn user as hostages.

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Razzer4d ago

Only if the pressure comes from PS4 gamers.

Razzer4d ago

Greg Miller is "everywhere". and hyperbole need to get a divorce.

neutralgamer19924d ago

nah they understand it's the vocal minority. For example on this site i see the same people make the same comments so that's how i know this isn't a big enough thing that affect millions

same thing with cross play you have the same people making the same comments. It will not happen atleast for this gen, we are not sure what the future holds. PS4 does offer it with PC and i think sony feels as this is good enough