Hardcore Gamer | E3 2018: The Division 2 Learns from Its Past Mistakes

Today at E3 Julian Gerighty, Creative Director at Ubisoft, showed off and spoke more about what we can expect from The Division 2. One of the biggest points was that the team that’s working on the sequel is the same team that was devoted to bringing The Division back from the brink and turning it into a good game.

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Chaosdreams182d ago

Genuinely looking forward to this.

DerekTweed180d ago

The article said " post-launch DLCs will be completely free as a means of not segmenting the community right after launch; similar to how DLC was handled after they had issues with The Division."

Does that mean the DLC is free in The Division?

Chaosdreams180d ago

From what i've read so far, it'll be free for the first year (at least). That could mean smaller dlc's/events, while they work on larger expansions, or we could gain a considerable amount of free content in year 1 + onwards.

Midkn1ght180d ago

As a way of saying sorry, I believe the first and second DLC for The Division was free. That plus a lot of game changing updates. The Division 2 will be supported completely free the first year. I believe this is to say that anything major gamers don't have to worry about shelling out cash for a fix.