Smash Bros. Ultimate runs at full HD, 60 FPS in both docked and portable modes

Nintendo has offered up a few tidbits of technical details regarding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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michellelynn097699d ago

Game of the Year contender for sure.

Benjaminkno98d ago

Yet no fanboy graphics whores coming to praise the almighty 60 fps.
Any good news for Nintendo should not go recognized.

talocaca98d ago

The title makes it sound like it runs full HD in portable mode, but of course it doesn't (since the screen is 720p).

Still, the game looks great!

Theknightofnights98d ago

You are right, it's likely 720p in portable mode, but we can't say "of course it doesn't". There are a few instances of games on Switch's screen being super sampled from 1080p. Hyrule Warriors is one of them.