Bethesda Offers Some Words on Fallout 76 PvP

Just how will Fallout 76 PvP work in the game's version of the open world? Senior members of the Bethesda staff provide a little bit of information.

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Daisysnow 187d ago

Hmmmm, I certainly hope you can opt out of the PvP altogether much like souls

Tru_Blu187d ago

From what I gather it's always online but you can't just run around killing other players. You can challenge people but if they don't accept nothing happens and they just go on their way.

Elwenil187d ago

I find it hilarious how many people are jumping on the "not my fallout" bandwagon and complaining about various aspects when they know next to nothing about the game and many of their complaints and comments have not factual basis at all.

Before you hate on Fallout 76, watch the NoClip documentary, do a little research, watch a couple interviews with Todd Howard and Pete Hines and see what they are actual saying the game is like instead of jumping to baseless conclusions.

Naturally I will get disagrees because it's so much easier to dismiss and randomly hate something rather than learn about it and find out you may be wrong.