Fallout 76 To Get Free DLC for Years, Microtransactions Are Cosmetic & Can Be Earned via Gameplay

Bethesda confirmed a lot of new Fallout 76 details, starting with the fact that DLC will be free. There'll be cosmetic microtransactions only and those can be earned through gameplay, anyway.

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codelyoko156d ago

I believe this can be a surprise hit

Magnetar155d ago

Same here, I don’t know if I’ll play it because I don’t have a group of people I play with regularly anymore. I respect their decision to try something different until they make the two games I really want to play.

slate91155d ago

Cant wait. I trust they will execute this right. They deserve our trust.

No_Pantaloons155d ago

Not saying it cant be good, but what else can they say:
"We plan on abandoning the game if it doesnt sell as well as expected. We'll also be implementing a pay to win system, and other real money features to please our investors, while gouging as much from our player-base as they'll allow. If that doesn't work we'll trick them with something like lootboxes."

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