Rage 2 is a strictly single-player game, and it'll hit 60fps on console

Rage 2, id's collaboration with Avalanche Software, is going to be a strictly single-player game, with nothing by way of multiplayer diversions.

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roland82100d ago

Strictly single player and 60fps is what I like to hear

TheCommentator100d ago

This is shaping up really well so far! The combat is being likened to the first game too and I'm sure Avalanche can help polish the rough edges found in the first Rage.

super_bruno100d ago

"...and it'll hit 60fps on console" They missed the word sometimes at the end. XD

Lovable100d ago

Then people complains that there is no replay value and not worth $60 bucks...

starchild99d ago

Yeah, but sadly first person games suck from what I've heard so I'll have to skip this.

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100d ago
Relientk77100d ago

Awesome, sounds great to me

M4I0N3100d ago

They should've used ID tech 5, would've been awesome to see what avalanche studios could do with that tech

BlackIceJoe100d ago

Really great news. I hope in the future more developers will go with a higher Frames per second over a higher resolution. I've seen the difference between 1080p and 4K and yes 4k looks better, but I'd much rather have smooth gameplay over better graphics.

Everyone needs to support this game, because we all say we don't want forced multiplayer and if we don't buy this game it will make the chances of forced multiplayer that much more likely in other games.

TimelessDbz100d ago

I'll wait for a sale then. Only played the first one for the multiplayer.

PoopsMcGee100d ago

I forgot it even had multiplayer components. Totally tacked on IMO. I can't believe you even bothered with the game for its multiplayer...

UnHoly_One100d ago

It had multiplayer?

I'm not being a smartass, I honestly don't remember.

I remember it had some kind of co-op specific missions that were separate from the campaign, but that is all.

SolidGear3100d ago

First game didn't have MP outside of car racing challenges.. and I pre-ordered and got that day 1 on PS3

TimelessDbz100d ago

It did have MP. It had co op missions. Go look it up before commenting.

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The story is too old to be commented.