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Sony's Lack Of PS4 Cross-Play Support Continues To Be An Embarrassment

With Fortnite players unable to keep their progress from PS4 to Switch, it's Sony who once again look like fools.

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Again... there’s nothing about this discussion hasn’t already been said before.
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Community158d ago
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ObviousGoldfish158d ago

Almost as embarrassing as their e3 presentation?

xHeavYx158d ago

So many hurt people with memory issues. There is no need for Sony to allow cross-play at this point, it would be most beneficial for the other 2 companies at the moment.

starsi360158d ago

I think it would actually be MOST beneficial to gamers and the gaming community. Maybe they should look at it from that angle. You know, the people that throw money at them year after year?

JaguarEvolved158d ago

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 78,572,659

Xbox One Total Sales: 37,261,546

Switch Total Sales: 16,671,979

I guess they should be embarrassed judging by their success

Gunstar75158d ago

What if you play fortnight on switch and PS4 u won't be able to sharw your profile.

Just another anti-consumer move by Sony

Septic158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

"So many hurt people with memory issues. There is no need for Sony to allow cross-play at this point, it would be most beneficial for the other 2 companies at the moment."

Oh so its okay for them to hold your Epic account to ransom? Why not let users unlink the account so they can use it somewhere else?

So many people excusing this BS.


LOL! Did you just plug in sales figures? 😂

Smitty2020158d ago

i thought the same, ps4 doesnt need it other companies do!

RosweeSon158d ago

Exactly it benefits Microsoft most being as they have half the players of course they want it and of course they put pressure on by giving the moral high ground well we’ve done it Sony should too, yeah go back 5 years when 360 was bossing it and they’d (Microsoft) would have agreed to something like that, Hell No, but like the GWG you get now wouldn’t have happened unless Sony started doing it at which point months after xb1 had lauchned they begrudgingly started doing the same and giving free games away, rubbish ones but still. People just love a drama these days and fanboys always gloss over when it suits I’ll game with any company as long as the quality of games is there this Gen it’s all Nintendo and Sony with the quality.

morganfell158d ago

Let me fix that headline:

Fans of Other Consoles Begging For PS4 Cross-Play Support Continues To Be An Embarrassment

bluefox755158d ago

@starsi360 Using that logic, why doesn't Sony release their exclusives on Xbox platforms as well? That would be "most beneficial" to gamers. You might even be able to make an argument for that, but you shouldn't discount the role of competition in Sony's success. They're not a charity, they're delivering what gamers want, because they are profit driven, and that is making them successful. If they didn't make business decisions that factor in their competition, and operated like a charity, they would go out of business almost instantly. You have to walk the line between doing things that are "popular", and not doing things that help your competition. Frankly, the crossplay thing seems to be a non-issue for most people outside of those that think it's ammo in the console war.

Sayai jin158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

The length people will go to spin or defend their favorite console is ridiculous. It would be a good thing for Sony to allow cross play. It doesn't have to so with anything with sales or success, it's just the right thing to do.

Giving gamers what they want.

Man this site is toxic.

trooper_158d ago

Yeah, pretty much.

I wonder where was this fake outcry when Microsoft turned it down?

Realplaya158d ago

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the developer. If I hav a PS4 I’m not going to buy a switch or Xbox because I can play against those people.

SenorFartCushion158d ago

The way you're on the side of a faceless conglomerate....

You're a civilian and a shill - a shill they care nothing about.

starchild158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

It would be good for gamers and good for developers, but of course the first priority for corporate cheerleaders is 'what's good for the company'.

Papafynn158d ago

☝🏽I have a reason: For the players.

Markusb33158d ago

Exactly MS would not allow it when they were no top with the 360 and doing timed gta dlc etc but now it's anti consumer. These xb fans are translucent, talk about change the narrative to suit

xHeavYx157d ago

To all the people saying they this would help gamers and that's what gamers want. The vast majority of people asking for crossplay are Xbox fans.

tehpees3157d ago

You what mate? How is adding crossplay going to send them out of business?

Septic157d ago

The BS arguments these shills are coming out with. It's pathetic.

Why is Sony locking off Epic's account when others aren't?

How are the vast majority of players Xbox players asking for this?

Just plain stupidity.

WelkinCole157d ago

@starsi360. I throw money at Sony to play games that are only available on the PS4. I don't throw money at Sony so that I can play with Swtich or xbox fans online.

G3ng4r157d ago

I mean, their e3 conference was fine if you're a hardcore fan of musical chairs. As for crossplay I say let them continue their complacency and hurt themselves.

Army_of_Darkness157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Want to play with ps4 gamers? Easy. Buy a Ps4! More games and gamers on it then the competition combined anyways 😉

kreate157d ago

I dont think Sony or playstation fans really care about cross play.

I'd rather Sony spend the money on more games. Not that Sony needs anymore games at this stage.

neutralgamer1992157d ago

Sony still has more titles that offer cross play than Xbox

So once again


NeoGamer232157d ago

The only embarrassment is for gamers that defend sony on this topic.

There is no sensible gaming reason to block crossplay, especially if it is optional and default is off.

Name one gaming reason to block crossplay assuming it is optional and by default turned off?

r2oB157d ago

My take on the matter is not allowing cross play isn't that big of a deal to most gamers when looking at the whole picture. Sony provides compelling games to gamers, which is why more gamers buy their console. If it were a priority feature, and the PS4 didn't have it, people wouldn't buy it. It's that simple. It's like backwards compatibility, a nice feature, but at the end of the day focusing on providing a user base with more new games is what matters most. Evidence? Despite all these so called "anti consumer" practices, consumers are still buying more PS4s, so they must be doing something right by the consumer.

Einstien said insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. Well, seems a lot of people are insane because they keep complaining about the same thing, expecting something different. When is this dead horse going to stop being beaten? It's like asking the same girl out time and time again, constantly being rejected. It's embarrassing, give it up, move on. Sony is not going to allow cross play with Xbox One or Switch at this junction.

I'll tell you what. This whole cross play thing is a God send for Microsoft and Nintendo to deflect their own problems and keep their gamers focus away from them. The people so vocal about cross play should have been more vocal towards Microsoft providing compelling games, and Nintendo allowing local back ups in 2018.

prankster101157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Totally agree.

Losers like Nintendo trying to band together in order to recapture some of the market share that they so arrogantly lost to TWO "startup" rivals - Sony AND Microsoft.

Maybe Nintendo fans need to take some of their ire out on the company so as to ensure that their Switch's aren't just glorified paperweights. Because you know... if it's all about the games, then where were the games?

Bet you're going to get some tard saying "Smash". And? "Daemon". And?


The Switch is a glorified $300 paperweight. For that amount, you can buy a PS4 AND an XBox One.

"Buh buh buh you can take it on the go".

Shut up. I've only ever seen 5 Switch machines in the wild. And the people carrying them are usually sad man-babies.

Gaming_1st157d ago

Exactly, this benefits the other 2 companies. Why should Sony bend over backwards for these other 2 companies when they have a install base bigger then both combined.

Aenea157d ago

I agree with you on cross-play, progression saving between consoles is silly that you can't continue on another platform if you want to...

gamer7804157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

well no need for Sony != no need for gamers. Although Fortnite and other games are going to probably make Sony face up to the issue sooner or later or continue with this egg on it's face.

NewMonday157d ago

it's like demanding Apple bring the App store to Android.

if Sony do this their console business will end, they would rather live with constant complaints.

KillBill157d ago

The real point is not cross-play but the locking of game data to PS4 where person can't even play on Switch if they chose to go mobile. Because Sony does not allow the data to be shared to another console. I think Epic themselves though can resolve this without Sony's assistance. Just allow players to unlink their data from PS4 and link it to Switch.

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Babadook7158d ago

And yet Sony was the first to have cross platform support.

The 10th Rider158d ago

So if it's a good thing that they had it first, why isn't it a bad thing that they don't support it now?

neutralgamer1992158d ago

The 10th

Check your facts they still have cross play with pc

They will never allow cross play with Xbox and that is the right decision

TekoIie157d ago (Edited 157d ago )


Okay, so what happens when they're surpassed by both Switch and Xbox in Cross-play support? Everyone's know cross-play was possible between PC and a console but we've never been this close to fully having one community playing together across all platforms and Sony is the one who is stopping it from happening. Not MS, not Nintendo, but Sony.

If your answer to this is "Yeah well Sony don't need to because they're winning" then they deserve to lose some of their market share to make them wake up. Otherwise, we're going to see them go back to having the attitude they had during the PS3 launch.

Ceaser9857361158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Sony is covered till E3 2019 end so how's it embarrassing? Each and every exclusives show is a system seller so again how's it embarrassing.. Well unless you can't play them or your choice of system cant come close to them then i can understand where you are coming from, hence you can DISAGREE

Well you could say the presentation could have been better or not upto the mark since Sony always stand out better from the rest but embarrassing not at all

neutralgamer1992158d ago

Bro it's embarrassed because it's up by 45 million so fans of other consoles want to play with the best fans in gaming

Playstation Nation

We don't want to play with Xbox or switch but we will keep our cross play with Pc

Sayai jin158d ago

You people realize how ridiculous it sounds to talk about console fans vs console fans. It's not some elite club. If someone is a Ninty fan and wants to play Playstation games then they can go and easily buy a PS4 and so on.I have all the consoles and gaming PCs.

blackblades158d ago

And yet they're still the best place to play.

neutralgamer1992158d ago

Instead of worrying about cross play other companies need to offer same level of quality experiences games wise

But you will never see Xbox defense force admit to that

neutralgamer1992158d ago


Yes so embarrassing that they still showed more exclusives than ms and Nintendo

Keep begging we the playstation nation don't want to play with anyone else besides the other best platform


Cross play with the biggest platform in the world. Haters will hate

80 million sold
More exclusives

Yet Sony is anti consumer. Ms is so pro consumer with offering below average games and trying to enforce Drm with always online along with Gaas

Doge158d ago

Hate to break it to you, but no corporation is gonna give a single toss about anyone online defending them or hating them.

People are just numbers. Numbers are money. Restricting platform login on a 3rd party account because of platform association is garbage, and deserves to be called out on.

neutralgamer1992158d ago


Yet somehow playstation has a long history of caring about its fans. Yes these are corporations but one corporation is making excellent games and the other is talking about making games

Doge158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

"A video game company makes games?! They really do care about us!"

You're. Missing. The. Point.

Petebloodyonion157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Instead of trash talking about How Sony is dominating or crap like that perhaps you should educate yourself on the subject.
Like learning that MS didn't ask for crossplay, nor Nintendo but companies like Bandai-Namco for their fighting games, Epic games for Fortnite, Psyonix with Rocket league and probably a lot of small indy dev.
You know companies that job depend on the success of these games.

But hey, you can also continue to trash talk about the feature and why not call it dumb like Cliff Blizinsky because Lawbreakers was a huge success after the players count drop next to zero. (doubt that he would say the same thing today).

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S2Killinit158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

almost as embarrassing as xbone's lack of games?

neutralgamer1992158d ago


Stop don't you know games don't matter. It's

Game pass
Ea access

Games don't matter services matter


starchild158d ago

Uh they both matter. But exclusives are a minority in this industry. People that act like exclusives are everything are out of whack, seriously.

Hypothetically, if I had to choose between losing backwards compatibility on PC but getting two extra exclusives a year or keeping backwards compatibility but not getting those two extra exclusives a year I would choose in a heartbeat to keep backwards compatibility and not get the two extra exclusives.

I honestly don't even care whether a game is exclusive or not. I get no thrill from knowing that gamers on other platforms don't get to play a game.

S2Killinit157d ago

You are missing the point. We HAVE devices that play those older games, they are PS3/360. So, when making a decision on which console is the best choice, we go by which console offers the more compelling GAMES. They ARE game consoles after all. If all consoles play the same games, then the one with "exclusives" (meaning more games) is the better option. Trying to move the goal posts so far as claiming that having more new games is not determinative of which console is the better one, is a new fad created by PR heads at Microsoft.

TallonIV158d ago

Sony are an embarrassment for doing this and now they're locking people's accounts they don't even own? How is that allowed.

Markusb33158d ago

Move on cry babies the best selling console in thr world doesn't nee cross play just like xb didn't allow it when Sony wanted it during the 360 generation.
As for e3 Sony showed gameplay not cgi and not exclusive Ips going to pc.
Oh and xb fans are gushing over yet another new console. So the most powerful console in the world did nothing ?

AgeInTheCage158d ago

The Embarrassment is showing nothing but multi plat games and trying to pass most of them off as exclusive.

zodiac909158d ago

You didnt watch the conference if you thought it was bad.


I'm sure plenty of people will dislike me for saying this, but honestly, I gotta say, I thought Microsoft's press conference was much better than Sony's this year. And I'm being 100% honest. I don't own an Xbox One, I do own a PS4, and I just wasn't blown away by anything, other than maybe The Last of Us 2. I thought Ghost of Tsushima was interesting, and Death Stranding, but Microsoft showed so much. A lot of those titles will be cross platform for Microsoft. But after The Last of Us 2, I may end up selling my PS4 in preparation for the next gen consoles. But I need Sony to turn it up a notch. If they want me to buy a PS5, they need more, better exclusives.

Prettygoodgamer157d ago

What would you buy next gen then ? The Xbox with no exclusives at all ?

alstruck157d ago

Why are you thinking about next gen? Buy a ps4, and you dont have to.. Personally, no game tops that look from tsushima's fight with autumn leaves falling

kowan157d ago

Oh, you mean like Nintendo's?

nucky64157d ago

F#CK the presentation - i don't care how they show them - i wanted GAMES. and SONY DELIVERED with great GAMES and GAMEPLAY.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod157d ago

All those great exclusives versus Games I can play on multiple systems? LOL

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RainbowBrite158d ago

Well maybe in some games, like this one. But I don't know. It's something for Sony to decide, if it's convenient or not to their business

Cmv38158d ago

I get why some ps4 players would be upset, for me only certain titles I would like the feature for. Mainly titles with dying communities. But other than that I don't care. My question is why do people who game on other systems exclusively or mainly care so much about playing with ps4 players... like why does that even matter.

Markusb33158d ago

It's a false narrative and distraction from the lack of new Ips exclusives and push towards a digital all platform service model

alstruck157d ago

Not false narrative.. just some parts of the media really bought what microsoft are saying.

Edito157d ago

It matters because xbox live is a ghost town.

DeadSilence158d ago

This is bad, Sony needs to get their shit together in regards to their policias.

Alucard_420158d ago

why?? so they can take a chance and lose some of the player base to the competition??? if that's the case why don't we boycott until all 3 companies become one??? Jesus it is business people......... SONY could lose player to the X because that would be more enticing to play there if I could still play with my PS4 friends, it is a losing cause for SONY honestly

stevej336158d ago

How would allowing me to play the game I own on ps4 with a friend on xbox possibly make me want to switch to the xbox. So i can buy a new console and the same game again? That makes no sense to me just like the narrative that Sony "doesn't need" crossplay, well no shit, Microsoft doesn't NEED it either.