Xbox One Sold 39.1M Units and PlayStation 4 Sold 76.6M Units by March 2018, Says IHS Markit Research

According to estimates by research firm IHS Markit, Microsoft's Xbox One sold 39.1 million units by March 2018 while PlayStation 4 sold 76.6 million units.

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Community98d ago
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ccgr98d ago

Not surprised by those numbers, curious how they'll change after E3

RainbowBrite98d ago

I'd say not at all... I mean E3 is not that important, to change sale numbers or trends I mean

yeahright298d ago

E3 in general? because I think E3's what caused the trend of PS4's dominance just before it's launch.

ocelot0798d ago

Joking arn't you. The Sony deals of play have that blue limited edition console that I am sure is going to sell extremely well.

I wouldn't be all that surprised if that didn't ship a good 2-3 million world wide.

nix98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Xbox is probably around 30 million and by saying that I'm being generous.

Eonjay98d ago

The numbers are wrong because Sony themselves announced Q4 numbers already. And a NPD insider claimed that Xbox was around 35 million at the end of Q4. You don't need to be a physic to know this so I get upset when Analysts make these patently wrong claims. I mean, I don't even get paid to know this and I know better.

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Babadook798d ago

Those numbers are wrong. Xbox is about 8 million short of that number.

lelo2play98d ago

LOL. People have been claiming for months/years that Xbox One sales are more or less at 30 million.

I guess Xbox One just stopped selling when reached 30 million. /s

OnDec7698d ago

Hell yeah they are more like 29m lol

UKRsoldierPRO98d ago

Oh. Please share the correct numbers with us, since you seem to work in the industry and are in-the-know.

neutralgamer199298d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Ea said at the end of 2017 Xbox one was about 30 million. So in last 6 months Xbox one sold 9 million

Obscure_Observer98d ago


"I guess Xbox One just stopped selling when reached 30 million. /s"

I guess It did according EA headquarters and N4G armchair analysts. Lmao. XD

IamTylerDurden198d ago (Edited 98d ago )

These are estimates by 1 research firm. I highly doubt X1 sold 40 million. Weekly sales show them getting tripled in worldwide sales consistently. EA's figures showed XB1 selling 29.4 million consoles by the end of 2017. XB1 has likely averaged approximately 500k consoles per month over the past 6 months. So i'd assume that there are only 32-33 million XB1 consoles sold to this point.

nestyfullmetal98d ago

where did you get those numbers, where the sun doesn't shine....

MattE98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Not true, Check out numbers EA released recently... From what I've been told EA don't count Japan numbers at all. So deduct Japan sales for Xb and PS from EA totals to get correct ratio

coolbeans98d ago (Edited 98d ago )


You provided a link which has been updated stating an MS spokesperson claimed that figure is inaccurate, and did so months ago. While they give no concrete numbers to directly contradict EA's claim, the fact remains that report has been contested and new data has now arrived. EDIT: Doesn't mean I'm concretely using this number as I would Sony's official sales reports either, but it's disingenuous to believe this doesn't throw some shade on that 30 mil number that you've linked.


-"These are estimates by 1 research firm. I highly doubt X1 sold 40 million."

Not a great way to start--structurally speaking. Any honest poster here is going to give more weight to a research firm than whatever your beliefs may be.

-"Weekly sales show them getting tripled in worldwide sales consistently. "

If you're talking about VGChartz: you're providing a very narrow window as to when that's been happening. B/c it was basically 2:1 closer towards the opening of this year. Also, VGChartz isn't gospel. (That's not to say they should never be considered either)

-"EA's figures showed XB1 selling 29.4 million consoles by the end of 2017."

Well that's just ONE gaming publisher who may not be privy to all the data an independent research firm may have; furthermore, that claim had been contested by MS months back. (See what I stated above)

-"XB1 has likely averaged approximately 500k consoles per month over the past 6 months. So i'd assume that there are only 32-33 million XB1 consoles sold to this point." wrap this up: your reply begins with blemishing the findings of ONE research firm, magically decides to set more weight on older, more-contested data (thus far) from ONE publisher, then proceeds with just pulling sales numbers out of thin air. I'd implore you to consider this and see why you may not be taken seriously when discussing this topic in the future. At the rate some posters are going, these predictions will net XOne's 2018 hardware sales lower than that of their '13 holiday numbers!

medman98d ago

No, no, no. You're way off. My personal guru tells me xbox has only sold about 1.8 million units since launch. They are really struggling.

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Not a whole lot but the combination of E3, the bad press warriors coming out for another wave of attacks, and keyboard warriors might gain half a million.

It's the one frustrating thing about gaming. The warriors.

butchertroll98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Probably Xbone mumbers are shipped like PS4 is 79 million shipped as of March 2018. Anyway, yeah, it's 2:1 ratio.

Ceaser985736198d ago

"Not surprised by those numbers, curious how they'll change after E3"

Well PS4 will cross over 100 mil for sure with the Likes of Spiderman, LOU 2, DAYS GONE. GOT and DS and so on

OB1Biker98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

They both will go upwards?
Joke aside Spider man is coming.

bluefox75598d ago

Why would they change at all? Nothing has really changed. MS did what they always do and made more promises, Sony did what they always do and showed off fantastic games.

GrubsterBeater98d ago

"Sony did what they always do and showed off fantastic games."

You forgot to add the added benefit of not needing to worry about the games or studios for said games being cancelled or releasing with low quality.

Obscure_Observer98d ago

The numbers for Xbox One will never be accepted because this guy don´t work for EA. Lol.

IamTylerDurden198d ago (Edited 98d ago )

EA had sales data showing that X1 had sold 29.4m units at the end of 2017. There is no way 10 million X1's sold from January to June. 10 million in 6 months is almost 2 million consoles per month. This was after the holiday rush and during a very dry period for Xbox. At most X1 averaged 500k units per month during the past 6 months which would put them at 32.4 million.

It's more likely that Xbox One has sold approximately 32 million units to date. That's what the numbers suggest.

Italiano123456798d ago

Why would they change...Gears aint coming till late next year

King_Lothric98d ago

You think E3 is some kind of magic portal that allows you to go to the past and change things?

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zsquaresoff98d ago

U can only imagine how much more ps4 would sell when Spiderman and red dead redemption 2 release. God of war would be pumped those numbers up as well.

xRacer74x98d ago

People would buy the X for RDR2 it will be the better version.

Alucard_42098d ago

dude MS is lucky if there is 1 mil XboX one X on the market , so how does that logic make sense???

dreue98d ago

You really think that? Dude the difference is not that big when i have a pc that puts both my ps4 pro and the x on a corner..... By the way god of war, horizon looks better then any thing i saw on the X....

uptownsoul98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

@xRaceer74x "People would buy the X for RDR2 it will be the better version." — Wrong...

On a Worldwide basis, more people are buying the PS4 Slim over the Xbox One S & Xbox One X…COMBINED

Ceaser985736198d ago

"people would buy the X for RDR2 it will be the better version."

I have been tired of hearing this crap since X released but with every 3rd party games release units sale more on the PS4

GTgamer98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Lmao no 😂😂😂 have you seem how many people own PS4's to X man if you don't sit the hell down.

BiggerBoss98d ago

Then how come every single multi platform game sells WAY better on the PS4 than on the X?

Face it, nobody is buying the X for Red Dead.


Wrong PC will be the better version.

Italiano123456798d ago

U realize about 80% of people play on base consoles and dont really care and will never buy a mid gen console

Aceman1898d ago

I own the Pro why should spend a half a grand for X to play RDR2 when it will just as well on the Pro?

King_Lothric98d ago


Then tell me why more people are buying the Switch than the Xbox?

DarkZane98d ago

That would be the case if most people cared about playing the better version, but that's only the very small minority. Most people don't care and just get the console they want.

TheSplooge98d ago


"Then how come every single multi platform game sells WAY better on the PS4 than on the X? "

Maybe because there's more PS4's sold? Of course multiplats are going to sell more..

Realms97d ago

Ok that makes sense people are going to buy an xbox x just to play the same game with extra pixels, so in other words people are going to buy RDR2 for the price of $560.00 dollars instead of $60 bucks yup I see that happening. LOL. FYI third party games sell better on the PS4 every publisher has said this EA, Ubisoft, Activision, but surely RDR2 will be the exception.

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darthv7298d ago

To be honest... it won't be that much more. Basically anyone who wanted a PS4 has one by now and the cap is going to be about 88 million. I just have a feeling based on the PS3 numbers from last gen. It may get closer to 90 million but I dont think it will top 100, as even the Wii did 100 million with the help of some serious casuals and PS4 is not a casual magnet like the wii was.

Ninja_Ryu98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Spider-Man says Hi. We shall see.

Ceaser985736198d ago

"It may get closer to 90 million but I dont think it will top 100,"

LOL! I cant wait to see this dude when PS4 crosses 100 .. Dude do the maths .. PS4 is still selling well... so you are telling me with the games releasing PS4 will sell 15 mil more till 2021 or 2022?? You must be bad at maths By 2019 end PS4 will do 100 mil ..

Legatus98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

"It may get closer to 90 million but I dont think it will top 100"

Hahahaahhahhaahaha awesome joke man, you really cracked me up. PS4 will reach 100 million in 2019., there's no doubt about that. Sony themself estimates that will ship 95 million units by the end of march 2019., but you keep telling yourself that darthv72 if you will feel better. Oh and i'm bookmarking your hilarious comment for the "PS4 sold 100 million units worldwide" article here at N4G.

darthv7298d ago

If I'm wrong, then I will happily admit it. But something tells me that people are expecting it to do PS1 numbers let alone PS2. What they dont realize is both of those units had price drops to the low $100 range at some point in their lifetime. PS4 still has yet to hit below $200. And yes it is selling well but it is also reaching its peak / market saturation point. The people buying now are the last of the holdouts and if anything what you will see is an increase in multi console owners. Meaning those who already have a PS4 and opt to buy a Pro to really take advantage of the abilities for the new games.

The wii had the casual market to help it hit 100+ million otherwise you could chop off a good 20 million from that number and it falls in line with what the PS3 and 360 did (but 360 also had RRoD to pad its numbers). If they release the PS5 and drop the PS4/Pro to the $149/199 price point then it would see a boom in sales for sure.

LucasRuinedChildhood98d ago

The PS4 is the best selling system this year. It's still beating the Switch and doing great numbers. What are you talking about?

Sunny_D98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Dude, it's like at 80 million now. The holiday season alone sells like 6 million units. The months from now until the holiday's will sell a few million especially with games like Spiderman, which btw is the most popular selling comic book character by miles. Close to 90? Lmao.

ClanPsi198d ago

I don't have a PS4 yet. I imagine there are quite a few people similar to me.

Atticus_finch98d ago

Your dumb guess is getting bookmarked. lol

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Eldyraen98d ago

Families will have kids screaming “SPIDEY!” when it launches all the way to Christmas. Some adults as well. To think it won’t sell PSs is crazy talk. GoW is probably to have had less of an impact on new buyers really as it’s more targeting adults in general (or older teens) and you can bet some still bought it for it alone, just not as many as Spidey probably will this late into a cycle even.

gamerzero98d ago

That's the highest xbox estimate I have seen to date. Seems extremely unlikely to be that high. It's 5 million units higher than any other estimate.

RpgSama98d ago

Yes, that is VERY unlikely, Xbox is being beaten 3-to-1 or more in the rest of the world, with some places where they don't even have a presence like Asia, on top of that PlayStation has beaten Xbox almost every month since launch in the States, with a few exceptions in 5 years, these numbers are simply not right.

chiefJohn11798d ago (Edited 98d ago )

That 3to1 was for 2-3 months. On average it's 2to1. Xbox is around 40 million this number is cloesely accurate. 60 million active users with 30m sold wouldn't make sense, 35 mill but getting outsold 3to1 as you claim still wouldn't add up. Ppl had Xbox at 30 mill since the end of 2016, throughout 2017 and half way through 2018 lol give it a rest. Gonna be saying the same thing 6 months from now watch.

Zeref98d ago

I always thought all the other estimates were off the mark. It just didn't make sense to me. How are there 60million active users per month with only 30million units sold? 40m seems about right the 20million are just other active accounts on the same unit.

WeebLord98d ago

They count if you have your gamertag linked to a win10 PC, also some people do have more than one account linked to a console.

Zeref98d ago

And that 30m number has been rumored for years, as if Xbox just stopped selling lol.

TimmyTurnersDad98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Apparently idiots really think that they have been at 30 million for like 2-3 years.

butchertroll98d ago

It wasn't rumored for years.

Obscure_Observer98d ago


I agree with you. It´s 29 million.

gamerzero98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I agree that EA a company who actually sells games has more accurate numbers than some investment group that's trying to increase it's stock value.

InKnight7s98d ago

EA numbers says its a 29.5 million.

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yomfweeee98d ago

I thought the estimates were already at 76 million by the end of January from Sony's numbers themselves?

Kribwalker98d ago

they were at 79 million shipped at the end of march, so 76.6 sold at that point doesn’t seem far off

DerekTweed98d ago

I think Sony said shipped 79 million, I assume that means to retailers.

76.6 million PS4's have been bought by consumers.

That's how I understood it.

CloudStrife90098d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I think Microsoft, despite how quiet they want to be regarding these numbers, internally acknowledge their wrong movements this gen. It's been a very confused, very awkward and very weak gen for Microsoft. Their current motivations seem to be correcting the wrongs and building on their weakness. Next gen will be when we start seeing major changes. That's when wider pools of consumers can start taking them seriously again.

Don't get me wrong, we've seen some brilliant turn arounds in the last two years and some very solid announcements and offers. Though, mistakes have been made. There's no denying that. On the flip side, a bad mistake can also be the best lesson.

nucky6498d ago

"this gen"? take a look at the last 2 gens - MS had more than it's share of mistakes.