Halo Infinite Trailer Analysis

Join Digital Foundry for a forensic look at the Halo Infinite trailer. What makes the Slipspace engine so special? Is it an actual generational leap and if so, can it possibly run on existing Xbox hardware? All this and more is covered right here.

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RainbowBrite186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

The slipspace engine could be really special, the greatest ever made. But again, it didn't show. Cause all they showed us was not gameplay but a very short cinematic any competent studio in the world could make (even without slipspace)
The guy is admiring the rhynos!! Watch the video! is amazing

maybelovehate186d ago

I think it is pretty safe to assume it was not running on the S Rich :D. It did look great though. I am more excited to see what the engine means for gamplay though. Halo 5 is really fun but can't help but wish the controls felt more like using a Titan in Destiny.

Notellin186d ago

The further it stays away from Destiny gameplay the better. We don't want any part of the uncompetitive sandbox.

maybelovehate186d ago

Mean movement. Although I do wish headshots felt as crispy in a Halo as well

UltraGaming186d ago

Couldn't agree more destiny is a dumpster fire, everything should stay away from it

Rude-ro186d ago

It was a tech engine...
What is there to analyze?
Is this like the halo 2 tech engine demo again?