E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 Returns to its Horror Roots in the Best Ways - IGN

Resident Evil 2 takes the core of what made the original good and modernizes it in just the right ways.

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CrimsonWing69100d ago

Oh this game looks phenomenal. I could not be more happy with Capcom and I hope future entries follow this model. This has potential to be the Resident Evil ever!

TeamIcoFan100d ago

I can't wait for this.
7 was amazing, RE2 remake will be even better.

AnubisG100d ago

For me, this was the best thing at Sony's E3 conference.

sssb100d ago

Same here man, damn now I feel 7 month far far far away.

ocelot07100d ago

I love the look of it. But I really wanted that fixed camera dammit.

BABY-JEDI100d ago

Capcom should include a PSVR mode. RE7 was amazing in VR & this would be even more 🤩